Lissone Design Award, winners and special mentions

Premo Lissone Design: the two winners are The Ara lamp by Ilaria Marelli, who won the “Historical Product” section.; The Colombano screen by Carlo Trevisani has instead won the award for “The furniture that is not there”. Two special mentions they went to Giorgio Gurioli with the Hara seat for the category “Historical product” ea Patrizia Di Costanzo And Paolo Pallucco with the Annalou console and the green fairy for the section “The furniture that is not there”.

Lissone Design Award: link to the city’s history

It took place in recent days at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone the award ceremony of the eighth biennial event, which aims to support and promote the potential of creative in the field of design. With this year’s edition, it is implied keep alive the close connection with the cultural and productive history of the city of Lissone – since the sixties and seventies “First Italian furniture center” – with the aim of improving the designers working with products and housing.

Lissone Design Award: ten studies from all over Italy

Edited by Francesca Guerisoliartistic director of the museum, e.g. Anty Panserahistorian and critic of design, the price involved ten between design studios and designers from all over Italywho were asked to represent themselves through two proposals: the first is considered significant in their own design process, the second referred to a “piece of furniture that is not there”, which from a research perspective responds to the particular topicality we experience. and to the profound transformations of domestic habitats in recent years.

The jury, composed of Michele Cuomo, Raimonda Riccini And Marco Sammichelianalyzed the products and projects presented to the competition and assessed their overall quality from a point of view of both cultural and productive value, and selected the two winning works.
The “Historical Product” section was awarded to the Ara lamp by Ilaria Marelli (2003), made by the Nemo company. For “Il mobile che non c’e”, the jury awarded the Colombano screen by Carlo Trevisani.

Lissone Design Award: awards and reviews

Awarded as mentioned two special mentions for the Hara chair by Giorgio Gurioli (2002), created by the Kundalini Italia company and for “The furniture that is not there” Annalou and the green fairy, integrated beauty case and console, by Patrizia Di Costanzo and Paolo Pallucco. The two winners – Ilaria Marelli and Caro Trevisani – each received a prize of 4,000 euros. Their two products and projects will be acquired by the Mac, thus expanding the museum’s collection.

Lissone Design Award: the exhibition until July 24

On the occasion of the award ceremony, it was inauguration of the exhibition that presents the winds between products and design ideas at MAC until July 24, 2022 selected for the competition by Studio Bartoli Design, Matteo Di Ciommo, Patrizia Di Costanzo and Paolo Pallucco, Massimo Farinatti, rubber design, Giorgio Gurioli, Ilaria Marelli, Elena Salmistraro, Marta Sansoni, Carlo Trevisani.

I’m glad to have been able to involve Anty Pansera in this project – declares the director Guerisoliwe started from the territory and asked ourselves what design collection the Lissone Museum could have to emphasize the identity of the territory and differentiate itself from the others in Lombardy. We have been thinking about how we can confirm the special history of this city, a happy history, by transporting it into the present to look ahead. That is why we have given a section of the award “The furniture that is not there”, which presents prototypes, projects and design ideas. The second section, “Historical Product”, instead aims to reinforce objects that have already been made, even in recent years, which represent the professional careers of the various designers and studios involved. We asked them to represent their creative path through an object and also state the reasons for that choice. The resulting exhibition is varied and lively“.

Anty Panserahistorian and critic of design, said she was pleased to “go back to Mac, a very beautiful and very accessible museum. I was trying to think about what it meant to return to Lissone, to return to thinking of an award that involves professionals dealing with furniture and decor accessories.

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