Lexus Design Award 2022: the six finalist projects

They solve specific everyday problems, support and support categories that are often not taken into account by the design world, such as the elderly and disabled, protect the environment. Lexus on the occasion of Lexus Design Award 2022the award, which now in its tenth edition promotes young creatives who envision a better future.

Lexus Design Award
Rewind by Poh Yun Ru is a device to help seniors suffering from dementia remember family actions and moments.

THAT six finalistsselected from 1,726 proposals submitted by 57 countries, received a budget of three million yen (approximately 23 thousand euros) each to develop their own idea, accompanied by international designer supervisors Sam Baron, Joe Doucet, Sabine Marcelis and Yosuke Hayano.


Projects include Chitofoam by Charlotte Böhning & Mary Lempres (USA / Germany and USA / Norway, based in the USA), a biodegradable packaging derived from the exoskeletons of waste-eating mealworms; Hammock wheelchair from Wondaleaf (Malaysia), a combination of a wheelchair, a lift and a hammock to help nursing staff move patients; Ina Vibe from Team Dunamis (Nigeria), a gas burner light and portable for cooking, charging equipment and lighting, which uses the produced thermal energy to generate electricity. From Singapore, Poh Yun Ru with Rewind, a platform that leverages multisensory stimulation to help elderly people with dementia remember moments in their lives (pictured above). From Russia, Kristil & Shamina with Sound Eclipse, a device that when placed near a half-open window is able to eliminate external noise, using sound waves that combine and cancel each other out. Finally, from Japan, Kou Mikuni with Tacomotive, a game simulator of tactile guidance designed for children with visual and hearing impairments. “I was struck by the sensitivity of the creators to the problems of real life people with disabilities and the challenges facing society, such as sustainable coexistence with nature, ”he says Anupama Kundoo, judge at the Lexus Design Award 2022. “The mentoring process will optimize the success of finalists’ projects. I really enjoyed working with such a diverse jury and finding so much unification. Where there were different perspectives, these were also complementary and aligned in their core values. “In early January, the six finalists participated in one five-day seminar with the four mentors, to explore the potential of their ideas, and was guided by the supervisors also for the following three months in the prototype phase.


The Grand Prix winner will be announced this springchosen by a jury that in addition to the aforementioned Indian designer includes Anupama Kundoofounder of Anupama Kundoo Architects, also the Canadian designer Bruce Mauco-founder and CEO of Massive Change Network, who will join the longtime judges Paola Antonelli, senior curator at the MoMA Department of Architecture and Design in New York, e.g. Simon Humphries, head of Toyota & Lexus Global design. The evaluation criteria for the Lexus Design Award 2022 are based on the three core principles of the Lexus brand: anticipate, innovate and involve. Nominations must anticipate the global challenges of the society of the future and propose engaging and innovative ways to contribute to a sustainable future while increasing the joy of all.


The Lexus Design Award is an international competition launched by the historic automaker in 2013 and represents an opportunity offered to young designers to gain visibility in the world design scene. The finalists’ prototypes will be exhibited in June during Milano Design Week in a place in the still secret city where an installation by the American architect and designer will be created Germane Barnes.


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