Identity and pride: let’s rediscover our Sannio

The enthusiasm and love for their country, anchoring an idea of ​​integrated growth of Sannio into its history, projects it into the future: it was truly a pleasure for me to accompany the consul Enrico De Agostini in the Sannio Press Tour 2022. An extraordinary person, I would say visionary in strategies but concrete By being made. His reflections have repeatedly brought my mind to readings about Adriano Olivetti, who in his dreams saw “people collaborating with other people to build another city: a city where not money but man is at the center of everything. One a city where there is no more selfishness and everyone does their duty to create and act. A future city, blessed by grace. ”That is Sannio we want.

Consul De Agostini, to arrive on the day of the inauguration of the Archaeological Exhibition Samnium and the Samnites, on Museum State Antiques Collections in Munich, it was decided to … start from the territory.

Ideally, the Samnites, who never did in their actual history, would cross the Alps and from11 May to September 25, they will be present at the Staatliche Antikensammlungen museum with an exhibition collecting finds from seven Italian museums, as well as from the British Museum in London. It is an exhibition that has never been tried and that would like to be a little the starting point of a promotion of the communit area and its excellences, in Bavaria, but throughout Germany. Let’s hope it’s the first in a long series. We wanted to start this process of rapprochement with 5 journalists from just as many prestigious German newspapers who came to Sannio – thanks to a collaboration with ENIT – to see what is beautiful to discover. Foreign tourists, especially Germans, love to come to southern Italy, but above all to the coast, and hardly take to our inner territories. I have to say that in these four intense days that have been here, they have really done it discovered a world: a world that even many Italians do not know, but which is really full of beautiful things to see and do.

A project stemming from a close collaboration between different institutional subjects.

The “Sannio e Sanniti” project, which starts with the Archaeological Exhibition in Munich, is an integrated promotional project under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. What does it mean? Which integrates culture with economic or other promotion: in this case tourism, food and wine, niche products and especially landscape. However, this is a project that without the cooperation of other institutional issues would not have started: for example, the protection of the Campania region, as well as its financing of installations of Virtual reality And augmented reality which will be part of the exhibition and then of course the local topics, it is the municipalities involved that have always welcomed us very warmly, the province of Benevento and all the institutional topics.

A project that, above all, captures the attention of private actors.

There was an extraordinary participation of private individuals, from tourism operators to food and wine, who helped make this journey for journalists – which is a bit “the first stepof the project – truly unforgettable for them. In other words: the archaeological exhibition and culture are combined with the promotion of the territory that passes through institutions and private subjects. And here it was really crucial that we managed to overcome distinctiveness, to really create a public-private “network”. Something that does not happen very often, but this time it has happened and has also here definitely decided the good result of our initiative.inbound.

It was a trip full of history and art that the German journalists, who were also able to appreciate how the crisp di San Marco dei Cavoti, the Pietraroja ham, the olive oil in the Tammaro valley are made, visited cellars, historical groups gathered around the Consortium for the Protection of Sannio Wines, which will be present at the exhibition on the inauguration day. It was truly a beautiful integration of oenological, gastronomic and other beauties. There is a growing awareness of having to “network” for a small area that still needs to maintain high quality in order to access top markets.

It is not important to network, it is basic: without it you can not reach critical mass, you can not present yourself in foreign markets. And that’s one of the purposes of this project, because there are many small producers here in Sannio who make exceptional products: from cheeses that are truly amazing to the hams we tasted in Pietraroja, from crunchies to wine and oil. .. fantastic Sannio oil. These are all products that have enormous potential in foreign markets and which we will try to develop here in Munich with the help of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Munich and Stuttgart (Italcam).

What suggestion would you like to make?

We must give the right message: not quantity, but high-quality niche products. But the problem with the niche is that one does not have enough critical mass to propose oneself, so it becomes important that everyone participates in this project as they do. I was positively impressed by the response we received from local producers, tour operators, but from all those who came to our ‘appeal’ and gave the journalists an impression of quality and great hospitality, which of course joins … gripping beauty by Sannio.


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