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Gradually, companies have understood the importance of being present in the market by using advertising, print or digital, as leverage.

The creation of a sign, a business card or a website allows the company to draw attention to itself and make its products or services known by several companies, thus increasing its target for potential customers.

By creating a sign, logo, flayer, e-commerce site, blog or newsletter, companies try their best to convey their idea of ​​identity.

A logo, for example, is not just the combination of images, texts or shapes, but something more. If it is well-designed, it is not only able to immediately identify the company, but also to tell its story in such a way that it establishes an emotional contact with the public.

Making an excellent impression, being remembered, standing out from the competition and promoting brand loyalty are just some of the benefits of a logo, a website, a poster, created in a professional and consistent way in relation to the company’s mission.

The professional figure who deals with graphic design is Specialist in graphic designable to translate ideas and messages into graphic elements and images, aimed at printing (catalogs, banners) or publishing on digital media.

Among the graphic design specialist’s tasks, we can include the creation of the packaging for a product.

The realization of the packaging is a very important element for a company, as from studies and experiments conducted by Louis Cheskin (psychologist and founder of the Chicago School of Advertising Studies) the packaging is an integral part of the product, and as a result, a basic lever , which one can rely on to increase the satisfaction and sales index of a particular product.

For all companies, even if they belong to different sectors, it is therefore important to contact a specialized and certified graphic designer.

That Graphic Design Specialist course turns out to be one of the expertise courses forVolta Instituteas the institute itself is a prestigious one ADOBE authorized center (Industry analysts have named Adobe a leader in more than 40 categories, one among many: the software suite).

The didactic path of Graphic Design specialist course at the Volta Institute aims to achieve Adobe InDesign certification, illustrator and Photoshop and consequently also to Adobe ACA CC Visual Design Specialist certification.

Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading software for the design and layout of pages for print and digital media ”. Using this program you can create, publish books, digital magazines and e-books.

Software Illustrator is a software dedicated to image processing for vector graphics, a program used by millions of designers and artists worldwide for the design of any kind of graphics intended for publishing, mobile devices and the Internet.

Photoshop is a software exclusively dedicated to professional photo editing capable of processing photographs or more generally digital images. “Over 90% of creative professionals use Adobe Photoshop” (

That Graphic Design Specialist course Istituto Volta aims for in-depth and professional knowledge of the aforementioned software in order to best perform the work of the digital graphic designer.

The possible job opportunities through the course created by the Volta Institute are many: you will be able to work as an advertising graphic designer for communications and marketing agencies or in the team of a style; you can work in professional graphic design studios or, why not, work as a certified freelance professional.

Among the topics covered in the course arranged by the Volta Institute, we can include: principles of graphics, image processing with Photoshop, vector graphics with illustrator, layout using InDesign, digital publications with the creation of an e-book.

The lessons can be followed directly from your home as they are delivered in modality live video conferenceusing any device (smartphone or tablet).

The Volta Institute makes use of certified professors in the sector, and in case of lack of availability to follow a specific lesson, it is possible to request registration to review and recover the lost topic.

The Volta Institute is not limited to only the certification of the students, but offers them a service of accompaniment to workwhich through real sector interviews lets its resources grip tangibly together in the world of work.

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