Hermetic doors that align with the wall for refined interiors

Essential interior elements, the wall-to-wall doors offer many benefits in line with the latest trends aimed at maximum personalization of the home space. Thanks to their great versatility, they can actually embrace all styles: for a decor effect it is possible to cover them with wallpaperor to create a consistent result paint them with the same color as the wall. Available in numerous chromatic variationsthe wall-to-wall doors allow you to create unique and comfortable environments, united by invisible ties.

Interior doors: minimalism and elegance that plan the wall

When it comes to choosing interior doors, the questions concern both practical and stylistic aspects: one wonders whether to choose hinged or sliding models, or whether to choose one finish over another. Below are some inspirational images to find ideas to adapt to your interior and create design environments in the name of the stylistic context.

Interior inspirations: between color and decor

Cans die flush with wallpaper

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door lined with wallpaper

Whether it is a swing or sliding door that aligns with the wall, these decor elements provide space for creativity and offer opportunity to characterize the environment with colors and decorative details that make any home unique.

The flush-to-the-wall doors are elegant and sophisticated products that also ensure the continuity of space and their compatibility with any type of furniture. In fact, their versatility guarantees freedom of spatial organization and, above all, the creation of any style, from classic to modern or the most trendy!

Wall-to-wall-painted doors

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door painted with a contrasting color

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door painted with a contrasting color

The plan-to-wall door that can be painted is the most classic solution for creating continuity or contrast conspicuous between door and wall.

The first approach looks the wall and the door in the same color, to create an environment with a homogeneous design that is capable of transmitting an accurate sensation. But we must pay attention to the chosen shades: they must have personality, but pay attention to finding a balance between full and empty.

The second option is to choose different colors, to break the chromatic harmony and create a focal point, as in the picture above. The combination of a blue wall with a white door gives a modern and contemporary look to the environment, which is full of suggestions. There are endless choices and color combinations that, when combined harmoniously, will create a satisfying end result.

Wall-to-wall door lined with wallpaper

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door lined with wallpaper

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door lined with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a coating that has come back into vogue in recent years: pictured above an example of a door lined with the same wallpaper as the wallin the name of visual continuity in a bedroom.

Covering a door with wallpaper is an operation that allows you to stimulate creativity: there are many ideas, from nature to art, from colors to texturesalways based on one’s personal taste, to create unique environments.

Wall-to-wall doors with boiserie

Cans, flush-to-the-wall door with boiserie

Cans, flush door with boiserie

The boiserien is a decoration made with wood panels that can be combined with interior doors to decorate and differentiate the house’s spaces, giving them a prestigious and sophisticated attraction. It will be protagonist in interior design projects, precisely because it manages to make each room unique and special. In addition, the boiserien is able to adapt to different styles, not only to the more traditional one might think, but also to modern and vintage. The more classic decorations make it possible to characterize the environments in a more decisive way, while in spaces of a minimalist and modern nature they make it possible to achieve style corners that are difficult to copy.

Wall-to-wall doors with marble effect

Hermetics, flush with the wall door with marble effect

Canned, flush-to-the-wall door with marble effect

It’s about one of the most refined innovations in the sector: wall-to-wall door clad with ceramic panels. These decorations allow to recreate a particularly elegant marble effect and create surprising spaces.

Suitable for modern and sophisticated interiors, it is the ideal solution for those who want to create a specific visual game to renew environments thanks to its charming design.

Doors flush with the wall: the queens of the interior

As can be seen in the photos, they are flush-to-the-wall doors they adapt easily to the context. They can be decorated with the same color as the wall or covered with wallpaper or again with decorations that recreate the effect of marble. Do not set yourself boundaries in the decor of your home: There are many solutions that will allow everyone’s personality to emerge, even in the decor, making any environment unique and sophisticated thanks to doors that align with the wall.


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