guide to home decor in natural style

guide to home decor in natural styleNatural-style home decor has enjoyed great success in recent years, and not just among green enthusiasts. The pandemic forced us to spend a lot, too much time at home, and each of us, some more, some less, had to reinvent the spaces to meet the needs of the period. The home has often become the workplace, and all this time in the domestic space has resulted in the affirmation of new trends also from an interior design point of view. One of these is precisely green style furniturewhose growing popularity may be precisely due to this: If you need to spend a lot of time indoors, then you can work on making these spaces more livable and bring nature’s liveliness and freshness into the home.

Decorating a home in a natural style is not as difficult as it seems. The password is adaptability: a few simple details are often enough to adapt in a natural style, without having to resort to expensive and complex solutions to implement. Here are some tips for decorating a home in a natural style in a harmonious and welcoming way.

Choice of materials and fabrics

For a natural style effect, you must first improve the materials. Introducing nature into the home does not only mean providing space for indoor flowers and plants, which also play an important role in beautifying the spaces.

That tree it is without a doubt the most suitable solution for a home in natural style. It has physical properties that make it possible to build many objects: it has excellent strength and thermal insulation properties, not to mention that it has many varieties, one more beautiful than the other. In the details of wood, the veins and knots that appear on the surface must be clearly visible, because in a house with a natural style, there is nothing better than raw and embodied materials, which can also give the impression of being worn. after time ..

Even furnishing a house with stone gives very suggestive effects: widely used for coatings, the Stone it can also be used to create small charming furniture and accessories reminiscent of mountains, rocky landscapes and rocky expanses. For those who love ethnic style, you can choose chandeliers adorned with small colored stones or even do-it-yourself stone doormats, to decorate the room in a rustic way.

To lighten the home space and create the brightness and lightness that is typical of the natural style, there is nothing better than linen, a natural fiber comfortable to the touch and in shades between white and gray. It is the ideal substance to illuminate the environment and responds at the same time to the characteristics of roughness and irregularity that characterize the natural style.

Finally, it can be recommended to beautify the house with wicker and rattan baskets, very precious materials to give movement to a home in a natural style with meandering and lively textures that soften the tightness of the wood.


regarding colors, light shades are forbidden: in a house with a natural style, the colors should be placed between ocher, pink, beige, pigeon gray and obvious white. It’s good to identify a color palette with reference, pick a few basic colors that you can work on in the intensities, and complete everything with just a few more bright objects. If you choose light shades, the rooms become brighteras the soft colors reflect the light, and a good brightness is essential to recreate the regenerating atmosphere of nature at home.

Furniture accessories

When it comes to interior design accessories, the golden rule is semplicity. We must focus on improving the natural textures of raw materials, so that all furniture accessories must be sober and delicate. The apartments can recall the Nordic atmosphere: functional and not crowded spaces, where every single decorative element is harmoniously integrated into the space without attracting too much attention.

For the paintings, you can focus on strict wooden frames, both in the natural version and in white, for a shabby chic touch. Yes to delicate and relaxing representations as landscapes and animals, always characterized by soft colors. But if you are looking for something more original than the usual paintings, you can decorate your house with metallic flower wall compositions – here an example of a stylized cherry tree – inspired by the shapes of nature, wall lamps in the form of plants and metal sculptures to hang on the walls to create an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of nature in a discreet and unobtrusive way.

The choice of tables and chairs is very important, and these are the details you can pamper yourself the most with: As we have mentioned, there can be no shortage of wooden furniture and fabrics in natural fibers that can be used in the most diverse ways. For example, you can choose a table with legs that look like roots, or a small suitcase can replace a stool: simple but useful details to enhance a house from a green perspective. For a touch of modernity, combine the essential lines of wood with the most innovative materials: You can create contrasts like a wooden table flanked by plexiglass chairs. The natural and modern style is actually not necessarily in contrast, it is enough to find the right balance between the rough textures of natural materials and the modern but essential design of the furniture accessories.


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