Graphic designer Martina Ficicchia on the podium in the international graphics competition “Wolda”

With a mark indicating the novelty already in its own identification and with a captivating sign containing the special of the activity to communicate, the graphic designer Martina Ficchiaoriginally from Vittoria (Rg), reached the podium in the twelfth edition of Wolda, one of the most famous graphic competitions in the world, in which designers of different nationalities participate, each proposing one or more projects.

There Ficchia, who has worked in the world of graphics and advertising for some years and has also been responsible for staging exhibitions and architectural projects, presented the brand “Nuo”, which it created for both the naming and the graphic aspect. A work done for a new dental practice born in Vittoria.

Through the use of two half circles and a full circle it can Ficchia has created a very distinctive, modern and easy-to-understand logo. The graphics and style of the third winner of the prestigious award captured the jury of the competition and managed, thanks to a simple and essential form, to convey a direct and precise message. The three stages depicted in the logo, ranging from pain due to toothache, to subsequent treatment that brings back to smile, communicate complete attention to the patient.

A game with curves for a clear message that conveys a sense of positivity and well-being, where resolution is achieved thanks to a circle that closes and which recalls the image of a face, gives a friendly wink, a symbol of confidential exchange that awakens trust in the viewer. Art that is translated into a logo and name, but which does not need words to convey a message that goes beyond geographical boundaries, and which is valued and rewarded by an international jury.

“I was asked to design the naming, but also the visual identity of this new company – says Ficchia – and I suggested focusing attention on the patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Based on the concept of “timeline”, I imagined identifying three different stages: the first of discomfort, imagined with the design of a sad mouth, the intermediate of relief, which I identified with the happy mouth and therefore with a smile, and finally the last phase, the last of well-being at 360 degrees, which I have chosen to describe with a circle. These three symbols form the word Nuo, which is meant as an abbreviation for new, but also a flashing face, a friendly approach to patients “.

Due to the restrictions and limitations due to the pandemic, the announcement of the winners took place online. There Ficchia took third place in the category “new logos” for the Europe-Africa part of the famous competition. The bronze award won with its logo, selected by the international jury out of nearly 300 logos and identities submitted by graphic designers from 36 different countries, has already been delivered. Wolda was born in 2006 in Milan and is a worldwide competition for logos and corporate identity that aims to enhance the best works in graphic design. The event is now organized by the International Editorial-Design and Research Forum, Meerbusch, Germany. This year, the jury members came from four continents, while there were six categories anticipated by the competition.