Food and wine 2022 in Florence: program and main characters

From 13 to 15 May, the agreement with Enogastronomica returns, an event that strengthens the artisan shops and know-how with the participation of the best chefs in the area. Opportunity to visit many lesser known places

Goldsmith's workshop, Florence
Goldsmith’s workshop, Florence

Enogastronomica is the result of a vision that reads the territory as a set of interconnected places and acts. Putting Florentine craftsmanship into a system that allows for the discovery of realities that are usually hidden or unknown to the general public is in fact the goal of the event conceived by the Confesercenti Firenze under the auspices of the city administration, which returns in a renewed form after the many years of stoppage imposed by the pandemic. From 13 to 15 May, the event will open to visitors shops, studios and craft businesses in Florence and its province, invited to the opportunity to host unprecedented gastronomic events (moderated by the journalist and food critic – and artist – Leonardo Romanelli) along with 15 interpreters of the local signature kitchen. How did the meeting start? Based on the assumption that craftsmanship and design are a resource for the food world and vice versa. Just think about Fontani Cutlery by Scarperia, center of excellence for the production of blades often used in commercial kitchens, but also for ceramics made from ND Dolfi in Montelupo Fiorentino, and the legendary story of Mitalan ancient kiln in Impruneta (historically known for its terracotta making), where ancient chroniclers tell us that the recipe for peposo – a cornerstone of Tuscan cuisine – was born during the production of bricks for the Florence Cathedral.

Antico Setificio, Florence
Antico Setificio, Florence


But on the map above Food and wine 2022 there are fifteen special places to explore, fromOld Florentine silk factory on Glass mosaic windowsa reality that exports artistic glass all over the world, to Alberto Cozzi bookbinding, which in the center of Florence preserves the art of binding. And always in the city Mosaic Scarpellito discover the technique of the Florentine salesman, theOld glasses by Lucio Enrico Nardo, onParfumeide Atelier for fragrance design,Tenth Artigianelli Institute, which houses a jeweler’s art workshop, a paper restoration studio and the marble workshop. Completely satisfied, therefore, is the motto “shops and stories” that govern the event: There are 19 events spread across the area, which will see not only chefs at work, but also food and wine producers and Tuscan craft breweries.

A dish by Filippo Saporito, The Legend of the Friars
A dish by Filippo Saporito, The Legend of the Friars


The chefs involved in this operation to enhance know-how and creativity are some of the leading names in Florentine and Tuscan restaurants, from Filippo Saporito (The Legend of the Brothers) a Simone Cipriani (Essential), a Riccardo Monco and Alessandro Della Tommasina (Enoteca Pinchiorri), en Maria Probst (Torre a Cona), Rocco De Santis (Saint Elizabeth), Paolo Gori (From Burde). Also involved is histrion Dario Cecchini, a well-known host-butcher of Panzano in Chianti. Filippo Saporito, for example, has chosen in the kitchen to interpret the preciousness and the chisel in the creations of the jeweler’s workshop: here, on 13 May, he presents a dish inspired by the theme; The dishes of Rocco De Santis, on the other hand, will accompany, in the Scarpelli Mosaici laboratory, the journey into the world of a Medici mosaic in search of the best stones to satisfy the customer. The relationship between noble yarn and signature dishes will also be played at Antico Setificio Fiorentino with the chefs of Enoteca Pinchiorri. At the hat factory Memar, with felt machinery in operation since the beginning of the twentieth century, it will be Maria Probst who will pay homage to the history of the place with a dish designed for the occasion. All appointments can be consulted and booked on the Enogastronomica 2022 website.

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