Extraordinary competition for 2022: 14 thousand places in high school

Extraordinary competition bis for primary and secondary schools: call for proposals expected in Gazzetta, oral exam no later than June 15, 2022.

The announcement of extraordinary competition bis for primary school of first and second degree, provided for in the Sotegni Decree and Milleproroghe 2022, will be published in a few days in the Official Gazette (as Ministerial Decree of 22 April 2022 n. 108). The selection will lead to the recruitment of 14 thousand teachers limited to colleges: these are the remaining places compared to posts in the role 2021/22.

Let’s see who can access it and how to participate.

Extraordinary competition in 2022: How it works

The extraordinary competition bis (art. 59 bis in Legislative Decree 73/2021) is reserved for teachers with at least three years of employment performed in the state school for the last five years (from 2017 to 2022), while teachers in the first GPS band are excluded. 2021/22. At present, the scheme’s scheme only restricts access to the upper secondary school, although ANIEF has signaled the need to extend it to other school orders, specifically kindergartens and primary schools. Also because in the next few years a high number of retirements in the first cycle is expected. The legal requirements already exist according to the ANIEF president, Marcello Pacifico:

the extraordinary competition bis must also be printed for children and primary schools, as stated in the current legislation on selection procedures.

Extraordinary competition: who can participate

They can participate in the competition, ie teachers in possession ofactivates specific or of the qualification for admission to a particular class of competition which has rendered a service in state educational institutions for at least three years, although not coherent, in the last five school years. In addition, at least one of the three years must be specific to competition class request.

Expectedentrance with reservation of those who, despite having obtained the qualifications abroad, have submitted the application for recognition within the deadline for submitting the application to the competition. The service performed on support post also without a specialization qualification.

Admission requirements for competition

In summary, teachers who meet the following requirements on the application date can participate:

  1. specific qualification or qualification for access to the specific competition class or similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy;
  2. not be recipients of a fixed-term contract aimed at being placed in the role;
  3. have served in state educational institutions (even in different school classes or in a support position, even without specialization), from the school year 2017/2018, for at least three years, even if it is not coherent (one of the annuities must have been carried out for the competition class you are participating in).

=> School: recruitment reform and contract renewal

Extraordinary competition: exam test

There attempt disciplinary will consist of one oral examination aimed at determining the candidate’s preparation, which will be completed before 15 June 2022 on the remaining positions from the recruitment made by subtracting from GAE and GM, but also from first layer GPS and additional lists. The oral test for access to the rankings has a maximum overall duration of 30 minutes. For competition classes A-24, A-25 and B-02, it is conducted in a foreign language. For the others, the test also assesses English skills (at least level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference).

Evidence assessment

The commissions can award 150 points: 100 for attempt disciplinary and 50 for in titles, identified in Annex B of the notice (in the decree expected in the Official Journal) together with the distribution of the relative scores. Based on the evaluation, they will be completed locations of regional merits broken down by competition class, with a number not exceeding the quotas allocated to each selection procedure. Whoever falls within the number of places advertised can win the extraordinary competition.

Extraordinary competition: apply online

Applicants have 30 days to submit request access to the competition at Online Instances, while the time-limited assignments for the winners will be awarded from 1 September 2022. As soon as Ministerial Decree 108/2022 is published in the Official Gazette, the questions start with an oral exam scheduled for mid-June and entry into the role in September.

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