European Day, May 9 celebration: several initiatives are planned in schools and universities

Europe – as the physical, political and cultural home of many peoples – deserves protection not only administratively, organizationally and institutionally, but also historically and mnemonically, related to the contribution to the contribution of memory that characterizes it as a supranational order. On 9 May 1950, there was a presentation by Robert Schuman of the Economic Cooperation Plan, devised by Jean Monnet and set out in the relative Schuman Declaration, which marks the beginning of the European integration process with a view to a future Union. In any case, May 9 is also indirectly reminiscent of the end of World War II due to the act of neutralizing, annihilating and disarming the troops in the Third Reich by the Soviet troops who placed their red banner on the ruined Reichstag. The European institutions inadvertently celebrate both the factual and primitive constitution of their organizational structure and the complete liberation of continental Europe from the hostile troops belonging to Nazi fascism. Schools welcome this event with grace and honor, especially in Italy; we are evaluating the ongoing initiatives in Parma and Agrigento.

The case of Parma: not just pure festivities, but the preparation of educational paths

On the occasion of Europe Day 2022, the province of Parma and the Europe Direct Decentralized Desk in Parma organized several events with the aim of celebrating that anniversary. “This year, Europe Day falls at a time that dramatically emphasizes the importance of the values ​​of peace, democracy and solidarity among peoples, which are the foundation of the EU institution itself. reminds the president of the province Andrea Massari of the microphones in a local newspaper – The province intends to turn to young people to whom the future belongs, to cultivate these values ​​and make them their own. ” The purpose of the organized meetings in this case is also to present courses, oriented on values, on characteristics, also with mnemonic and collective purposes, also on the historical memory attributed to the European institutions. The teachers of the province of Parma will be able to evaluate their inclusion in the school programs History, Citizenship and Constitution for the school year 2022/2023. “As the Europe Direct Decentralized Desk, we believe that the role of the school is very important in enabling students to learn not only about the history and functioning of the EU, but also the policies and opportunities it offers, and to make them aware of , what the EU is present in their everyday lives Gino Losi, President of the Duchy of LAG, adds to previous statements – and for this reason we have developed a specific program dedicated to schools “.


Empedocle High School in Agrigento lives at RAI for European Day

Due to the ongoing celebrations at the community level, some students from the aforementioned high school will go to Rome on the occasion of Europe Day and National Day in memory of the victims of internal terrorism. It will be a great opportunity for visibility where the school can present its views and participate in an ambitious project involving a radio and television broadcaster that broadcasts nationally as RAI. The institute will also have the enviable opportunity to perform the European anthem at the Quirinale live nationally. Only two high schools have been chosen for the construction of the hymns: a Roman folk high school will play the hymn about Mameli, while Empedocles, in fact, the European one. To represent the Agrigento Institute, the maestro Calogero Lillo Lino and the cello student Alessio La China will be. It will be a moment of community, celebration, togetherness that will cheer the whole of Europe up in a dark moment due to a conflict at the gate and the new challenges that institutions and citizens are currently facing.

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