Egidi middle school. Obtained the first two ICDL (Computer Science) certifications

NewTuscia – VITERBO – We receive and publish. ICDL (International Certificate of Digital Literacy) is a certification aimed at certify basic and advanced computer skills of a topic.

Egidi middle school.  Obtained the first two ICDL (Computer Science) certifications

Giorgia and Leonardo they were the first two students from Egidi Middle School in Viterbo to take the last of the four exams required to obtain the certification ICDL. It was a great satisfaction to have reached a goal that had been set since the beginning of the ICDL course. To be honest, I have to say that certification was one of the many goals that had to be achieved. In fact, the purpose of the course is basically to educate children for one digital culture and do not leave improvised training to individuals. ONE Digital culture understood as a need for conceptual depth, depth of analysis, strategic vision that is not limited to pure technological skills.

To describe the activities performed, I decided, instead of showing a series of heavy and boring explanations, to ask the main characters directly G.iorgia and Leonardo and to answer for the lived experience:

  1. D. Should you take more than one exam to get the certification?

L. – To get the basic certification I had to take four exams.

G. – Yes, there are three types of certification and I had to take four exams to get certified BASE ICDL.

  • D. How and where are the exams held?

G. – The exams are conducted via a computer, under the guidance of an external professor and can be conducted both from school and from home.

L. The exams took place at the school in connection via a video conference with AICA Test Center from the L. Da Vinci Institute of Technology in Viterbo, where Professor L. Cannarella is the leader. At the time of the exams, Professor Cannarella remote control of the computer with which the exam takes place, in order to be able to inspect and record everything that happens.

  • What does the exam consist of?

G. – There are seven exams to be taken in total, but four are enough for the basic certification: Computer Essentials which deals with basic computer concepts, Online Essentials which explains the basics of the Internet, Word processing for word processing e Spreadsheet to work with spreadsheets for calculation and more.

L. In the exam, there are two types of exercises: the theory, it is closed questions and those of practice, where you are asked to perform a certain action.

  • You have used different learning tools. What is meant?

L. It is understood that there are several ways to hang on: the professor’s explanation, the study on the book or the e-book, exam simulations and web research.

G. – During the course there were no questions from the teacher but only explanations and exercises. However, it is also necessary to study and practice at home to become familiar with the exercises.

  • What type of research approach was used?

G. – To prepare for the exams, you need to practice a lot with exam simulations, help from a teacher is also very important so that you can understand topics that can be difficult. During the lessons, it often happened that the explanation could be based on either the exercises or the students’ questions. Personally, I also found it very helpful to take the learning tests by testing the programs we read.

L. – The study approach was similar to the scholastic one, although there are no real questions, but individual or group exercises, where many times the opposite path was taken. In other words, we started from the final test, where the error was analyzed under different aspects, it was used to understand the characteristics of the test, the type of questions to arrive at the individual answers with more awareness.

  • Will this certification be useful in the future?

L. – Everything I have learned will definitely be very useful and the certification obtained will give me access to the advanced course. I also hope it gets considered in high school.

G. – I believe that this certification is a valid and practical way to improve my computer knowledge and skills. The knowledge gained will be very useful in overcoming the various difficulties that I may find in school and in everyday life

  • Are you planning to continue and obtain other certifications?

L. – Definitely yes, I hope there will be an advanced course soon, because I would like to learn to use other programs

G. – Yes, I would like to finish my studies to obtain the certification ICDL FULL Standard.

Silvio Capitoni, teacher at Egidi Middle School in Viterbo

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