DECOR listello, the subtle terracotta innovation to decorate the home

Traditional but capable of great innovative impulses, terracotta today prepares to meet a challenge and sharply approaches an unusual and unexpected area: decor.

The Terreal Italia novelty that combines performance and refined aesthetics

Terreal Italyfor over fifty years synonymous with experiments applied to aesthetic and technical research in the field of terracottawith its author marks, Saint Mark And Picahas over the years been able to develop a unique awareness of the manufacturing tradition “Made in Italy”.

From these premises he developed DECORa proposal that expresses the modern concept of the widespread use of terracotta for home decoration. A proposal to meet every need of designers and customers and provide exclusivity to the interior of homes, hotels, shops, museums, offices, spas and public places.

DECOR listello, the subtle terracotta innovation to decorate the home

What’s new about the DECOR terracotta strip?

Synthesis of innovation, service and quality, DECOR STRIPE is the news in Terreal Italia, which combines performance and refined aesthetics to modern and traditional settings.

It’s about thin slats of terracotta Available in all finishes and colors in the SanMarco and Pica series dimensions of 1x25x5.5cm (also available corner 1x12x25x5,5cm).

Very easy to glue on any kind of support even without the use of specialized workers, DECOR is born of an innovative and exclusive process that makes it possible to achieve improved resilience. The result is such a lightweight product – with only 1 cm thick– which can be applied as easily as any other thin coating, which multiplies the expression possibilities of the decoration.

DECOR Listello is made with the traditional “soft paste” technique and is ideal for laying on any exterior and interior surface, giving the appearance of brick walls with minimal bulk.

Listello DECOR, the new Terreal proposal for interior design
ph. © Daniele Domenicali

Beauty and freedom to pose

Thanks to his lethed and to easy installation, gives the DECOR strip maximum freedom of application and use, so you can experiment with original laying combinations and suggestive chromatic effects of the many available finishes. The DECOR strip can be used to cover any cracks in the plaster without interfering with the load-bearing structure.

Where is it used?

Suitable forexterior for insulation of “outer layers”, covering of foot panels, profile of doors and windows, covering of columns,internal Listello DECOR can instead cover the walls with pleasant chromatic shades and give the rooms the unmistakable warmth of terracotta.

The benefits of choosing the DECOR strip

Choose DECOR STRIPE means the use of a natural material that does not require maintenance, increases thermal and acoustic insulationfrom simple applicationwith affordable cost. The use of terracotta elements, to choose from the wide range of colors, will provide a home environment warm atmosphere and allows you to customize each home, making it unique and valuable.

7 tips for laying

There the wall must be solid And free of whitening. Metallic supports are not recommended. Inside, the positions it can also be performed on drywall or wood siding, reinforced with a plaster, in which a metal mesh is attached. The plaster substrates must be treated with a primer before starting the installation.

  1. Take the strips from different packages for better mixing.
  2. It is possible to lay the strips starting from the bottom or from the top. The laying from top to bottom allows for a better cleaning of the coating.
  3. Spread with a notched trowel a thin and uniform layer of the recommended adhesive both on the wall and on the back of the strips, proceed immediately with the gluing.
  4. Apply the strips to the wall by pressing and making a horizontal forward-backward motion, making sure that there are no voids behind the strips themselves.
  5. Check the horizontality of the strips and the joint using spacers where necessary.
  6. The strips can be broken with pliers or a hammer (a small blow to the back of the brick).
  7. Traditional mortar laying is also possible.

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Who is Terreal Italia

Terreal Italy is a company specializing in the production of terracotta cabinet systems, which has been able to transfer to an industrial level a capacity historically born at a craft level. The company, which belongs to the multinational group Terreal, a world leader in the brick industry with factories all over the world, has acquired Pica brandwith a view to consolidating and increasing its presence in the domestic and foreign markets, in parallel with the already known SanMarco brand.

Combining experience and production skills, it offers the market an unprecedented range of products: from roof tiles to bent bricks, from soft bricks to extruded, from terracotta floors to architectural elements, from tiles to ventilated facades and above all systems complete with envelopes for roof construction , walls and floors in the name of modernity.


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