Day by day in art | May 5, 2022

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Day by day in art |  May 5, 2022

Unlike many artists, as well as many exponents of the curatorial world, few American museum institutions have taken a stand on the issue. right to abortion. Born from a leak on a draft with which it United States Supreme Court would prepare to change the law, the debate is growing on social networks and in the streets of many cities, but among the museums are the few voices that have heard thatDepartment of Contemporary Art (ICA) of San Francisco, which has made some of its new showrooms available to activists for free; and that ofHammer Museum in Los Angeleswho shared a video from a 2019 meeting showing that 7 out of 10 Americans support the freedom to legally and safely abort for any woman. [Jori Finkel]

That Smithsonian Institutea major American cultural institution, has announced plans to adopt one new policy on the subject refunds. Based on a different ethic and adapted to their own reality by the 21 cultural entities that the Smithsonian includes, the new line will provide greater leeway for the management of works whose origin may raise ethical doubts or is not completely transparent. . [Wallace Ludel]

Small, and hopefully not too serious, accident yesterday at Borghese Gallery. A woman, it is not known if she bumped into it due to an illness or a setup problem a work by Guido Reni“Saint Francis receives stigmata”, which gets one to the canvas tear a few centimeters. The painting, part of the exhibition «Guido Reni in Rome. The Sacred and Nature “(until May 22) by Borghese director Francesca Cappelletti has been removed and now the intervention will be evaluated to restore the damage. [Corriere della Sera]

The program for Rome Architecture Festival (June 11-19). It will be a widespread review, with meetings and events scattered around the city. “where visions and dialogues for the Rome of the future will be intertwinedSaid the President of the Order, Alessandro Panci. Among the guests expected for the festival are Mario Botta, Massimo Alvisi, Marlon Blackwell. [Corriere della Sera]

A year has passed since the disappearance of Alessandro Bruschettiniknown pharmaceutical industry, advocate for the Bruschettini Foundation for Islamic and Asian Art. Genoa celebrates his memory through a series of eventswith the intention of spreading and sharing the great spiritual heritage of this extraordinary figure“. From Thursday 5 May to The Ducal Palace (Sala del Minor Consiglio at 5.30 pm) The catalog of Bruschettini’s first exhibition at the Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino is presented, and donations to the city’s museums and ongoing projects are remembered. Friday, May 6 at At 4.30 pm in the auditorium of Palazzo Rosso, the conference on the masterpieces of Persia, the beloved rugs of the Genoese collector, will be held, focusing on the restoration of a Sanguszko rug funded by the Bruschettini Foundation. A whole takes place on Saturday the 7th study day in Aula Magna at the University of Genoa. Among the themes analyzed are the import of ceramics in Liguria, of medieval metals from the Islamic world in Genoa up to the preservation of textile works. Finally in Palazzo Lomellino, the exhibition «Domenico Parodi. Arcadia in the garden “ welcomes you to a miniature of Mughal India’s Gardens, part of the Bruschettini Foundation’s collection, from May 6 to 15, 2022.

Named the new one Amaci’s board (Association of Italian Museums of Contemporary Art). The new president is Lorenzo Balbidirector of MAMbo in Bologna, who replaces Lorenzo Giusti, director of GAMeC in Bergamo, and two new participants: Caterina Rivadirector of the MACTE Museum of Contemporary Art in Termoli, ed Emma Zanella, director of MA * GA in Gallarate (Va). Confirmed the appointments of Elisabetta Barisoni, Marcella Beccaria and Greta Gelmini. [Redazione]

The mysterious buyer of still lifes revealed «Basket of wild strawberries»(1761) af Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardinsold by Artcurial in March for a record amount of 24.4 million euros: This is Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. However, the acquisition is pending because the French government hastened to declare the work a “national heritage” and binds it to a pre-emptive right that the Louvre will be able to exercise over the next two years, provided it finds the means to take possession of the painting (by Chardin, the Paris Museum already houses several other works). [artnet]

That Senate Culture and Labor Commissions approved jointly delegated bill on support for workers in the entertainment sector. Minister Franceschini and many artists welcome the passage. In particular, the amendment introducing the discontinuity allowance is important, which “recognizes preparation, training and study times as an integral part of actual working time, because they are inherent and indispensable to those performing a work in the performing arts”. Following the passage in the classroom, the provision, which also envisages the establishment of a permanent table for the entertainment sector, will be transferred to the Chamber. [ansa]

The Ministry of Culture has started the application process for registration in the List above UNESCO World Heritage Site from Via Appia Antica. Being a graduate is all the way from Rome to Brindisi. [agcult]

Found and repatriated one ancient manuscript attributed to Nostradamus, stolen 20 years ago in Rome. It is reported by «Il Messaggero», according to which the work (16th century) would have passed through the markets of Paris and then ended up in Germany. The intervention of the carabinieri of Cultural heritage protection unit culture allowed the manuscript to be returned to the Center for Historical Studies library of the general order of the Children’s Bits, from which it had disappeared. [Leggo]

News in sight for the (many) users of Amazon Kindle: The reader of the California tech giant will actually be open to ePub format, for which it had hitherto not allowed integration. By the end of 2022, even e-books in ePub format (the most common) will therefore be able to be sent and read on different types of Kindle devices, although (at least for now) Amazon will not create its own books using standards and. [Il Sole 24 Ore – Nova]

Almost 8.5 million euros: this is the amount it was sold for yesterday shirt n. 10 to Diego Armando Maradona he wore in 1986, during the match between England and Argentina at the World Cup in Mexico, a match in which “pibe de oro” scored the goal named the most beautiful in the history of football and also the one that was renamed “the hand of God”, which made the whole of Britain angry. It is not known the name of the buyer of the heirloom that was auctioned at Sotheby’s. [The Guardian]

The future of The Russian Museum in Malaga and of the 80 people who make up its staff. With a temporary exhibition dedicated to Picasso starting at the end of the month, the institution “takes the time” to understand what will happen in relation to the events in Ukraine. Born in 2015, with 40 exhibits under its belt, the museum no longer receives works from the “mother” institution in St. Petersburg. Petersburg, and many in Spain have asked to be closed. [El País]

Exhibitions that open
After MAXXI in Rome, from May 6, it arrives in Treviso, in the rooms of Galleries in prisonsUkraine: Noveller. Contemporary artists from Ukraine», The exhibition conceived by the Imago Mundi Foundation curated by Solomia Savchuk, head of modern at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev. A total of 140 works created by young new artists in the 10×12 format, part of the Imago Mundi Collection and linked to the events of 2014, culminating in the escape / expulsion of the then pro-Russian President Yanukovych and in the subsequent Russian invasion of Crimea and Donbass. To characterize the Treviso scene, the presence of «Kollina» (2013), the large metal sculpture by Olexa Furdiyak, a kneeling figure 4 meters high to symbolize a free man who is keen to pursue justice. [Veronica Rodenigo]

Etel Adnan & Simone Fattal: Working Together»Is the exhibition, which opens tomorrow, May 6, in the halls of Antonio Dalle Nogare Fonden and Bolzano. The first double solo show in Italy by the two artists who have lived and worked since the 1970s, curated by Vincenzo de Bellis and featuring paintings, sculptures, books, poems and everyday objects. [Redazione]

It opens on May 7 (until June 30) at Ferrero Foundation and Alba the exhibition «Soffiantino between object and indeterminacy», dedicated to Giacomo Soffiantino (1929-2013), Turin painter and engraver. Curated by Luca Beatrice, Michele Bramante and Adriano Olivieri, the large retrospective is structured in 7 sections and presents about fifty works. [Redazione]

That Forte di Bardin Valle d’Aosta, hosts the new edition of World press photo (May 7 – July 3), the world’s most prestigious award for photojournalism. Now in its 67th edition, in contrast to previous years, where it was organized into thematic categories, the path / competition is this time divided into six geographical areas. [Redazione]

The exhibition opens today «The idea of ​​the library. Umberto Eco’s collection of antique books at the Braidense National Library»(Until 2 July). For the first time, the public will be able to admire a selection of ancient volumes that the Ministry of Culture acquired from the Eco family in 2018. At the same time, the “Studioloen” was decorated in the Library, a space available to scholars, where all 1300 rare books owned by the great Italian semiologist and philosopher. [ansa]

Abdulamir Al-Hamdanian archaeologist and former Iraqi Minister of Culture, has died at the age of 55. He has been one of the most important figures in recent years for securing, restoring and promoting the cultural heritage of the Asian country. [Redazione]

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