Cold colors: which ones to choose to renew your home decor

The delicate and dusty palettes of light blue that relax, but also gradients of emerald green to bring life to the interior: these are some of the atmospheres we get when we decide to paint the walls by choosing cool colors.

Color defines the style of an interior, often the cold shades color the house with a sobriety such as requiring essential furniture or on the contrary become the ideal base for a mix & match eclectic of colors and furniture. Cold palettes fit into contexts new classicembrace the Scandinavian style but they are also good to have with modern and contemporary accents.

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Color spectrum: distinguish between cold colors

The cold colors are identified in the palettes with notes of calm and serenity. They refer us to aquatic and wild suggestionsof sea but also of land and sky, thanks to a wide range of green and blue shades.
Also the little one, formed by red and blue, is part of the cool color gamut, but some lighter shades sometimes come closer to red than blue. Similar classification for the green: in its more subdued shades it is closer to yellow than blue.

When it comes to color, we trust Johannes Itten, guru of chromatic classification. And thanks to the famous circle that bears his name, we understand bases, categories, complementary colors, and combinations of warm and cold colors. That One color circle it is composed of a central triangle whose vertices are: the three primary colors yellow, red, blue, three triangles created by the union of the primary colors they form the secondary colors, orange, purple, green.

An outer circle formed by twelve colors, three primary colors, three secondary colors plus six tertiary colors formed by combining the primary colors with the secondary ones.
Visually divide those who go in the semicircle from yellow to red are considered warm colors. Those who go purple to green are considered cool colors.

Photo by Megan Taylor
Photo by Megan Taylor

Cold colors for south-facing rooms

Before deciding to use a cold toned palette, it is always advisable to evaluate room exposure. Both natural and artificial lighting change our perception of colors. Never underestimate the power of light: the exposure and choice of lamps contribute significantly to the color reproduction and the overall effect.

If natural light comes from the south, the room will enjoy a good brightness, you can choose almost all the colors of the chromatic spectrum, including cold. Green light for shades that come to us from nature: from blue to navy blue through indigo, to the range of greensas usual, if they are too intense, such as olive or forest green, tend to turn off the environment.

Farrow & Ball image
Farrow & Ball image

The right palette and where to use it: from blue to emerald green

It is just as important to specify the correct color for each environment. Color is a tool that evokes different moods, tells a story inside a house, even manages to condition moods and the way of living a space. There the ladder of blues in the bedroom represents the natural choice to create intimate and relaxing spaces, total color on the wall or on the headboard: blue in different shades is a pastel color without frills that can be enhanced by combining “character” colors such as. coral coloron fabrics and accessories for example.

According to the dictates of chromotherapy, it can also create relaxing and useful corners for concentration: study area and niches that become reading corners, here the color also functionally divides the space.
A wall emerald green colorInstead, it aims to arouse wonder and certainly does not let any feeling of cold seep out. Strong stroke color is suitable for experimentation and represents an interesting solution to the walls in the living roomalso as a combination with coatings in classic style including stucco and moldings.

Also there combination of two cold colors creates unusual color compositions, for example by applying whale blue in the ceiling and sage green on the panels.

Dulux / AkzoNobel paint
Dulux / AkzoNobel paint

It belongs to the purple family, a blue hue with a touch of red. Let’s talk about Very Peri the color there Pantone elected to represent 2022. This nuance occurs especially in the most active areas of the house such as the living roomcovers it with a sophisticated and eclectic look, as a reference to a virtual and digital reality.

A hue halfway between purple and blueon the wall finishes with an original styling combined with decor accessories in bright colors such as such pink and strawberry red. Very nice effect total look from Very peri covering door frames and frames.

Photo by Polina Parcevskya
Photo by Polina Parcevskya

Modern gray

Concrete gray for a more material style or Pearl gray for a more refined space, it is important that it is gray: can be rejected in infinite tones and undertones, it is the cold hue that warms the spaces and continues to set the trend.

There are neither more nor less recommended application sites, it is such a versatile and neutral tone that is able to illuminate the environment. In the bathroom we find it in various chromatic and material chords: stoneware, resin, marble, spruce and chestnut wood, along with pastel colors or lighter colors. Ideal as a counterpoint to both matte and glossy surfacesremains, however, a much-loved nuance in total look.

The grayscale also finds a place in one modern kitchen to taste industrial, in the living room, on the other hand with a raspberry-colored sofa and solid wood furniture.


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