Boy attacked while going to school: two 16-year-olds reported for robbery in competition

Carabinieri at Roccabianca station managed to identify and identify the alleged perpetrators of the robbery in Parma after threatening him and pushing him to an isolated place, some headphones after the charge of robbery presented by a 14-year-old local music worth about 130 euros.

Facts go back to last winter, when the victim, after getting off the bus on the way to school, was approached by two strangers who, in order not to arouse suspicion among the other students on the street, pretended to know him and, joking with him, took they him to a more protected place and not exposed to public passage.

So with a threatening attitude, they were given the Airpods headphones that the young man had in his pocket. When they reached the goal, they set off with the stolen goods, not before threatening the peer not to report the incident, otherwise it would have had consequences. Otherwise, the young man, though still afraid of the behavior he had suffered, warned his parents, who called Roccabianca carabinieri and explained what had happened.

The men of the weapon started the investigations that continued, and identified the various youths who, based on the somatic descriptions of the victim, might have some similarities that were useful in identifying the perpetrators.

The efforts made, also thanks to the stalking and observation services carried out in the following days near the school buildings, were rewarded when the two alleged authors were identified.

Subsequently, the young man was placed in the light of the relevant photographic files, and the same, after consulting them, recognized them: they are two 16-year-old residents of the province of Parma, reported to the juvenile court in Bologna for the crime of robbery in competition .

In this circumstance, Arma highlights the constant and incessant commitment made by the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri in Parma both in the city and in the province. Thanks to the massive and widespread presence in the territory, the carabinieri have during these months managed to identify all the alleged perpetrators of the episodes that have created more social alarm, also with reference to youth amalgamations.

In particular, a brief and analytical overview of the main operations that carabinieri has carried out so far to deal with and curb the phenomenon: carabinieri at the Collecchio station in February carried out a preventive measure to stay at home in the order of approx. the Bologna Juvenile Court against five boys between the ages of 15 and 17, who were responsible for theft during the crucifixion in Collecchio; The carabinieri of the Felino station condemned in February seven young people between the ages of 14 and 15 for fire and damage to the wall of the city’s theater; Carabinieri at Noceto station reported in March two 17-year-olds for injuries to peers;
carabinieri at the station in San Secondo Parmense in March condemned five young people between the ages of 15 and 17 for private violence, threats and injuries against a 14-year-old; Carabinieri at Parma Centro station in March condemned two minors and an adult for aggression and fraudulent insolvency against a taxi driver; The Carabinieri at the Sorbolo Mezzani station carried out in April a preventive measure of placement in the community on the orders of the Bologna Juvenile Court against three 15-year-olds responsible for robbery and extortion in various ways; carabinieri at Fornovo Taro station reported in April six young people, all living in Parma, aged between 15 and 17, for damaging the city’s laundry; carabinieri at the Parma Centro station in April condemned three young people between the ages of 15 and 17 as alleged perpetrators of beatings and aggravated threats against a 15-year-old at a high school in the city. In addition to the above, it should also be pointed out that several young people have also been identified and reported to the juvenile justice authority for deviant / harmful behavior.

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