Border between Belarus and Poland, refugee children on the run caught in the woods by Polish police. “They are in danger of dying of cold and starvation” –

“It’s freezing in this one Forestwe must to die. If we die here, thank you tell to all that there were people here who wanted to live, but the barriers between two countries have us killedMessages like this one arrive every day on Silvia Cavazzini’s phone, voluntary Milanese, activist for Gandhi Charity, and Zosia Krasnowolska, volunteer for Hope and Humanity Poland, have become among the reference points for migrants trying to overcome limit between Belarus And Poland. “We are cold, we had to cross a river with a few months old children. We have wet clothes, help us’.

I am AfghansPakistanis, Syrians, yemenittersome Africans who arrived in Belarus encouraged by Alexander’s government Lukashenkowho gave the visa tourist with the false promise of a simplified channel to the EU. But then go stacked up by limit hundreds of refugees arriving in an attempt to reach Europe rejected of the Polish police. In this way, the Belarussian government is trying one blackmail EU. And then whole families flock to frost of the forest, with children little ones living and sleeping in makeshift beds. And the other limit, the one no one talks about in the last few hours. If on the one hand Poland opened the doors to Ukrainians flees the Russian bombing, on the other hand stands Poland itself closure hermetic limit ai migrants by others Nationality arriving from Belarus. The Ukrainians pass, all the others do not. On it limit there are people blockedwhich they repeatedly try exceed border to enter the European Union risks being rejectedswoops and di to die of hardships in the middle of the forest in the ancient primeval forest Białowieża, UNESCO heritage. This happens to many months, but now the story gets even more disturbing aspects, as the Polish border a little further south is permeable to all fleeing Ukrainians. “Every day they are dying people, some cold, others torn to pieces by dogs, ”says activist Krasnowolska.

Poland has established a “red zone” by limit Belarusian, patrolled day and night by police officers, where i.a. migrants they can not get close, and neither can journalists and humanitarian workers. In recent days, four activists who have gathered some refugees in their cars have been arrested. Along the roads there are numerous patrols of the police, many places of block. “Almost there a half of the refugees at the border are children – Cavazzini condemns – Many of these children I am sick people: Parents have set out to find care for them. Among them three babies, one less than two months old. There’s a little girl with a serious AI problem kidneys, if left untreated, it risks dying. His parents send us video of her cry heartbreaking. And then there are one-legged people, a boy with cerebral palsy. We believe that at present in the forest along the border there are approx 250 people divided into 25 groups, closed in the strip of land, the neutral zone between the barbed wire, between Poland and Belarus. No one takes responsibility of those who die there in the middle. It almost looks like we’re waiting died for everyone’s attention to return there. The last few hours I have received pictures of one finger cut with a wire cutter from the Belarusian border guards ». A few days ago the Belarusian refugee camp of Bruzgiwhere dozens of migrants slept: i military Belarussians who led the camp began putting pressure on migrants from the center by asking them to choose: or they went away against limit with Poland of their own free will, or they agreed to return to Minsk and board a plane that would repatriate them. And then they all poured in limit.

But what drives migrants of the Middle East against Belarus? As mentioned, they are set tourist given by the Lukashenko government. For several months, there have been various airlines in the Middle East that have activated direct connections between Minsk, the capital of Belarus, and cities such as Istanbul (Turkey), Damascus (Syria), Dubai (United Arab Emirates). “When I migrants arriving at Minsk airport – say the humanitarian workers at the border – are accommodated hotels state led by regimefrom which officially assigned buses and even taxis transfer them to limit Polish or Lithuanian ‘.

And just in recent days have right Polish from Bielsk Podlaski, fifty kilometers from the Belarusian border, called it “unfounded, illegal And inhuman‘The position of the Polish law enforcement authorities by virtue of the Warsaw lawyer Małgorzata Jaźwińska, who won a appeal presented by three Afghans, arrested and then returned to Belarus despite expressing their willingness to seek asylum.

– Here Riccardo Noury’s comment: “These second-class asylum seekers abandoned between Poland and Belarus”

April 12, 2022 | 13:39


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