because it can be dangerous for children

ONE puppet blue that can terrorize children. Huggy Wuggy is a seemingly harmless blue puppet, but which hides sharp teeth and whose sole purpose is to hug children until they are crushed. Huggy Wuggy is actually a character from video games Poppy Playtimea horror escape room prohibited for children under 13 years of age.

Huggy Wuggy has now gone viral, and has been the subject of songs and numerous page content, which very often also appears on the small screens due to. Youtuber who use the doll in their content. The most striking case was Me against youwhich has made the doll viral even among the smallest in Italy.

Everywhere on the web, Huggy Wuggy videos may have some side effects on younger children who still cannot distinguish between reality, fantasy (or horror). The risk is therefore that children after watching several videos get bored or worse. This is the alarm turned off Politipostand encourages parents to pay close attention to what children see while surfing the web.

Faced with such news, it is natural to wonder what Huggy Wuggy is and why he is so dangerous. Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Huggy Wuggy: the social phenomenon and the “Me against you” controversy

Huggy Wuggy is the character of one horror video games recommended for guys came again 13 years up. Still, from a horror character, we quickly reached for the doll with sharp teeth, also bought by kindergarten children, a tangible proof of how much the soft toy has now gone viral.

There are several page content created specifically by fans for the character, including a disturbing song: “I could hug you forever until you exhale your last breath together“,”I’ll be there soon, pinch your teeth and you’ll be devouredA song that is actually promised about funerals and scary events for the little ones.

Huggy Wuggy is not only viral, in Italy the problem was exacerbated by the presence of Huggy Wuggy on the YouTube channel of Me against you, it’s Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia, the successful couple who moved from YouTube videos to the big screen, with 3 movies and merchandising accessories of all kinds. In fact, there are several videos starring Huggy Wuggy on their platform, which show both the images of the video game and the character’s puppet.

After pointing out that the product is not suitable for younger children, Me against You decided to remove these videos from their channel.

Huggy Wuggy: What is the danger to children?

From a horror video game character to a puppet for kindergarten children. The Postal Police have sounded the alarm about the content dedicated to Huggy Wuggy. The blue sharp-toothed doll scares children because he is a horror character who wants to kill the main character in the video game that the children identify with.

There is fear that is physiological, I think above all of the fear of darkness – explained the expert from the postal police, the psychologist Cristina BonucchiBut if they are stimulated by phenomena like this, the risk is of having very scared children“Children are afraid of a product that is basically created for a playful activity aimed at more mature age groups. Prolonged exposure to content from this video can make it difficult deal with a fear of the darkness that becomes “fear of Huggy Wuggy“.

Huggy Wuggy’s problem and web security: solutions

Families need to be made aware so that they are more aware of what the little ones are seeing while surfing the internet. This is the purpose of the postal police as explained by the boss Ivano Gabriellirecalling that the task of the postal police is precisely “prevent phenomena that could lead to self-harm or that lead to forms of social danger“.

The only one resolution according to Gabrielli it is not in contrast but inattention. The advice is therefore to browse with the children to understand what they see online or what topics they see and accompany them in their choices. This – explained the head of the post – is actually a necessary skill that the parent must develop to accompany the little ones and protect them from potentially dangerous content.

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