Because children and adults have ‘closed’ a street in Milan

A street in Milan closed to traffic for one day. It happens on Friday 6 May in via Beroldo, the Loreto area, where Legambiente organized the initiative to ask for more and more seats free of vehicles and safe for children and teenagers.

Roads blocked for traffic for children and teenagers

The event, which took place in the morning with various activities on the streets, was held on the occasion of Streets for Kids, the first European day for school streets, coordinated by the CleanCities Campaign, and for which 300 actions were carried out in 13 villages. Girls and boys participated in the mobilization together with parents, school administrators, third sector associations and activists for sustainable mobility, in Italy and in Europe.

The aim of the day is to ask the mayors to commit to closing all roads in front of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools by 2030 starting from the new school year. “School roads are among the answers we owe to the new generations and more generally to the school communities and the cities – says Barbara Meggetto, President of Legambiente Lombardia – often pupils at all levels are forced to suffer in the very poor conditions of public space with schools located in noisy, heavily trafficked areas, without barriers to protect against the surrounding dangers. We must turn around as soon as possible. Approaching a safer, healthier and environmentally sustainable environment from an early age is necessary to create real change. with a view to an increasingly urgent ecological transformation “.

After two flashmobs already made in Milan, Legambiente is back in via Beroldo in one of the closest school contexts and at the same time more congested and dangerous in the city: behind Viale Brianza (Loreto) there is actually a nursery for children, two primary schools , a high school and three high schools, with hundreds of students and students immersed in smog, exposed to traffic noise and risk of traffic accidents. In the Italian legal system, the law exists as a ‘school district’ (Dl Simplifications 120/2020). This is a potentially effective measure, but as it often happens, inexplicably not yet used.

“It is not enough to consider a school simply staffed by the local police during the entry and exit of students free of cars – adds Federico Del Prete, head of mobility and public space at Legambiente Lombardia – it must be a road. permanently closed to traffic and stops, thus not only eliminating the risks associated with atmospheric and noise pollution, but also giving a clear signal to families and teachers about the need for a clear change in speed in mobility habits, starting with the school environment. , there is an urgent need for radical elections “.

Street activities in via Beroldo

Despite the pouring rain, the students from IC Ciresola, Liceo Classico Carducci, Civic Polo Scolastico Manzoni and Beroldo Nursery arranged an appointment for a day of workshops and outdoor lessons organized by Legambiente Lombardia, dedicated to the school community during the morning, and about the afternoon also to the public: games, roundabouts, drawings, dancing, bicycles, to confirm the right to breathe clean air, to have space to play and get to know each other, to move safely from home to school. The last 100 meters of the road where the institutes are located are closed to traffic, parking of cars has been removed and ornamental plants and set-up for educational activities have been installed.

At 11 a.m., students attended a press conference for a direct confrontation with representatives of the institutions and school leaders. Present were Barbara Meggetto and Federico Del Prete from Legambiente Lombardia, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Milan in charge of education Anna Scavuzzo, Councilor for Mobility Arianna Censi, Councilor for Welfare in the Municipality of Milan Lamberto Bertolè, Chairman of the Municipality 2 Simone Locatelli and Representative of the Parents’ Committee IC Ceresola Ilaria Lenzi. The students at Carducci High School handed over to the councilors a proposal to rebuild the square of streets adjacent to Loreto, which tells their concrete vision of a social, safe and sustainable public space, with interventions such as bollards for access to cars, benches , water houses, plastic waste compactors, charging stations for bicycles.

In addition to via Beroldo, hundreds of children, parents and teachers took to the streets in Milan also in five other school complexes affected by principals and flashmobs, promoted by Massa Marmocchi, Cittadini per l’Aria, inGROSSIamoci Parents Association IC Tommaso Grossi and Lapis Parents Association IC Pisacane and Poerio: via Gentilino Piolti De ‘Bianchi Gaspara School, via Monte Velino and via Pietro Colletta (IC Tommaso Grossi) via Carlo Pisacane (IC Pisacane and Poerio), via Gattamelata (IC Gattamelata)).

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