7 economical electric cars 2022 to the city: prices and range

An increasingly varied choice makes us consider the best electric cars to get around the city: economical with sufficient autonomy to drive anywhere without worries about recharging.

L ‘electric car was born to the city and to live in urban contexts: it is the metropolises that have larger number of public columnsand that with their continuous braking keeps the battery charged thanks to the utilization of kinetic energy.

Using a zero-emission car in the city also completely eliminates the fear of being “dry” like any electric vehicle today it can be easily used in urban contexts and recharged even every 4-5 days depending on the distance traveled; not to mention that low range electric cars are also the cheapest on the market. So let’s see 5 economical electric cars with a city soul that are already available in the market.

All electric cars will be presented with their list prices, which are valid at the time of publication: without therefore discounts or promotions from the car manufacturer or state and regional incentives, which can always be used and depending on the period significantly reduce the starting price.

Low range electric cars: Fiat 500 Elettrica

The new Fiat 500 Elettrica is the first 0-emission car of the brand Torino from the brave, but not too successful experiment from Fiat Panda Elettra from 1990. Fiat 500 Elettrica is available in coupe, convertible and 3 + 1 versions and is sold in different configurations, ranging from 185 km of autonomy for the lowest version, up to 320 km for the more complete versions.

Youthful and iconic, the design is not distorted compared to before, but significantly improved, especially in terms of the interior, now more refined in materials, and with a new infotainment system in step with the times. Prices start at 27.000 euro to the Fiat 500e Action and they arrive to 36,700 for the richer and more curated version “La Prima”. Our Robin fell so in love with it that he decided to buy it!

Low range electric cars: Renault Zoe

Zoe is a true electric icon and a bestseller for the French house. It is one of the first electric and economical ultra-compact cars to be introduced, a model that has been present – with major improvements – in the last 10 years.

The latest version sees an improvement in the interior design and quality with a completely redesigned dashboard and comfort. In addition, the autonomy has been improved: With a battery pack of 52 kWh, the new Zoe declares 395 km of autonomy and various charging solutions, which make it suitable even for small trips outside the cities as trips out of the city. The price updated to March 2022 starts from kl 34,500 euros.

Low range electric cars: DR Evo 3 Electric

Often forgotten, the Molise brand founded in 2006 has never ceased its activities and continues to build cars with components from the Chinese car manufacturers Chery Automobile and JAC Motors. DR survives despite the crises, thanks to cheap cars that always manage to have their market niche. And with DR Evo Electric, it also shows the will to keep up with the times.

Evo Electric is the first electric SUV of the Italian brand, and would like to be a non-exclusive car, but simple, concrete, practical and reliable. The motor is permanently magnet synchronous with a 40 kW / h battery pack, which allows a range of 300 km. Economical does not mean non-technological: DR Evo Electric supports fast charging, which allows you to recharge the car to 80% in 40 minutes, while slow charging takes 8 hours. Another advantage is that, like all the brand’s cars, DR Evo Electric is sold with full extra equipment at 34.160 euro.

Low range electric cars: Smart EQ ForTwo

Literally, and always, city ​​par excellence. With the latest restyling, the brand, now half-finished in the hands of Geely along with Volvo and London Taxis, has eliminated all thermal engines, leaving only the electric EQ version. Restylingen has also seen a new style, with new Full LED light clusters both front and rear, and especially the taillights have now got a new texture. The front page also changes: the Smart logo is lost, in favor of the font, and the grid passes into the lower area, where there is also the number plate.

By the way, it’s still Smart: very small and one of a kind. The autonomy is between 147 and 149 km, therefore exclusively city. The built-in charger is 22 kW and makes it possible to recharge the battery to 80% with wallboxes or public columns in less than 40 minutes. Many technological innovations: you can search for free parking spaces and be guided to them, you can share the car with friends or family, find it again if you can not remember where you parked it, all thanks to Smart EQ Control and other services offered from mobile applications. The price starts from kl 27,419 euros, in line with what is currently the biggest rival, the electric Fiat 500.

Low range electric cars: Dacia Spring

We have recently tested Dacia Spring it is the cheapest electricity proposal on the market, already from the launch price of 20,450 euros, which however with incentives it can drop to below 10,000. A really interesting car, with a modern and more refined design than the Dacia of the past, without frills and with a lot of technology.

With her, besides having an ideal and really cheap vehicle from use as another car in the cityfor daily movements and so on, you also have all the responsiveness and torque typical of an electric motor at the same time, and this even though the technical data sheet does not make you cry a miracle: “Only” 44 HPmore than enough to guarantee a really important stroke both thanks to the torque and thanks to the low weight.

Low range electric cars: Volkswagen e-Up!

The little one from Wolfsburg also enters the list on the right in its electric version.

Volkswagen e-Up! it is identical to the Up petrol engine, but is equipped with an electric motor 81 HP with maximum torque of 210 N / m, very bright. The declared autonomy is 160 km while the price starts at 25,850 euros.

Low range electric cars: Renault Twingo E-Tech Electric

Another ace up the sleeve of the Renault Group is the small Twingo, an ultra-compact five-door, born on the same platform as the Smart, recently also marketed in an electric variant (and with good reason, as our test shows). .

Twingo E-Tech Electric is a really small town, and it shows that it is European: it has an impressive turning radius and a small width that makes it perfect for navigating the narrow streets of the cities of the old continent, and to to minimize the number of maneuvers. With a range of 190 km on a mixed cycle, it starts at € 22,750.

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