60 pizza chefs under Rome’s sky

The City of Pizza 2022 edition is presented in magnificent style and with important news. In fact, the event, conceived by the Vinòforum, will for the first time take place in the open air in the magnificent spaces of the Tor di Quinto Park in Rome, a stone’s throw from the Ponte Milvio. Between the thoughtful lake and the 12,000 square meters of green areas, Saturday the 28th to Sunday the 29th of May, a selection of the best national pizza chefs will find space, for two days completely dedicated to the most beloved product of the Italians, an authentic worldwide icon .
This year, there will be 14 “houses” of La Città della Pizza, which will host a turnover of over 28 master pizza makers from across the peninsula. New faces and good confirmations that will suggest the different categories of pizza “Neapolitan”, “Italian style”, “A tasting”, “Romana”, “Al taglia”, “Fried” and “Gluten free”. Also for this edition there will be “Fritti all’italiana” represented by the inevitable Roman supply and the iconic Neapolitan pasta omelette signed by the craftsman Pastificio Gerardo di Nola.
Each house will provide three different suggestions, from the great classics to the new creations, to a total of almost 90 different pizzas and fried foods that will delight the thousands of pizza lovers eagerly awaiting the only Italian event capable of to gather, in a great place, the best you can find on the pizza theme.

But La Città della Pizza 2022 will also be full of workshops for enthusiasts, workshops for operators and activities that will involve dozens and dozens of great pizza chefs who will take the chair to teach, discuss and entertain the public. Indispensable workshops for children, signed by AVPN – True Neapolitan Pizza Association in collaboration with OONI, the ovens dedicated to pizza lovers.
All appointments will have free admission and can be booked directly on the event logo.
For those who want to live a unique experience, lunches and dinners where good pizza chefs cook in combination with Champagne Ruinart Rosé. The Pizza & Champagne project, created in collaboration with Molino Magri, will accompany guests on a journey to discover the highest expression of pizza.
Spaces are limited and can be booked on the website www.lacittadellapizza.it

Also for this edition, the space is renewed in Stand Up Pizza, a scene dedicated to pizza chefs who want to draw attention to themselves. The talent and passion of 10 pizza chefs will compete for the chance to win a place in one of the houses in the next Pizzaby.

To select all the masters of La Città della Pizza coming from every corner of the peninsula, the team of writers is composed of Emiliano De Venuti, the creator of the event and CEO of Vinòforum and the journalists and pizza experts Luciano Pignataro, Luciana Squadrilli and Tania Mauri . New entry Alessandro Tartaglia and Simone Mascagni founders of Al.ta Cucina, one of the most important Italian networks dedicated to the world of cooking. Passion, quality, research, care and attention for all stages of production, but also creativity and growth, the criteria used for the selection and stated in the “manifesto” of the event (https://www.lacittadellapizza.it/il – manifesto).

“Pizza City 2022 will be a large playground dedicated to pizza in all its facets. – declares Emiliano De Venuti, creator of La Città della Pizza and CEO of Vinòforum – We are excited to reopen the doors to this magical “city” in a new space surrounded by greenery and in the center of Rome. We can not wait to welcome pizza chefs and enthusiasts, because now pizza is more than ever, besides being an iconic product, a vector for culture, traditions and research. Perfectly in line with our formats, which have always been able to combine the entertainment aspect with education and training elements. ”
The beverage offer will also provide satisfaction, starting with Baladin craft beer, with various labels to combine with the pizzas; from white to blonde, from amber to a gluten-free suggestion. Of course there will be Italian bubbles, and as if not Prosecco DOC thanks to the collaboration with Puntocuore for a toast in the name of coziness. The space dedicated to quality companies that produce ingredients like flour, tomato, dairy products and spiced meat, flavor craftsmen who make ingredients that are the protagonists of the best pizza recipes is also fundamental.

This is the list of main pizza chefs in the homes of La Città della Pizza Roma 2022:

Daniele Vaccarella, Pizzeria La Braciera – Italian category – Palermo
Antica Pizzeria Da Michele – Neapolitan category – Naples
Ivano Veccia, Pizzeria Quinto – Neapolitan Pasta Frittatina category – Rom
Carmine Donzetti, Pizzeria Donzetti Pizza & Fritti – Neapolitan category gluten free – Casandrino (Naples)
Samy El Sabawy, Pizzeria A Rota – Roman category – Rom
Marco Manzi, Pizzeria Giotto – Neapolitan category – Florence
Salvatore Kosta, Pizzeria Foorn – Carving Category – Mariglianella (Naples)
Luca Belliscioni, Pizzeria Stacce – Carving Category – Rome
Rosario Ferraro, Ros Rosario Ferraro’s Pizza – Neapolitan category – Naples
Mirko Rizzo, Pizzeria L’Elementare – Roman category – Rome
Salvatore Gatta, Pizzeria Fandango – Italian category – Potenza
Giacomo Garau, Pizzeria Oil and Basil – Fried Category – Calvi Risorta (Caserta)
Daniele Donatelli, Pizzeria 3011 – Italian category – San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona)
Douglas Barillaro, Pizzeria Teresina La Tradizione – Gluten Free Category – Rome
Enzo Bastelli, Pizzeria La Rosa Pizza & Cuisine – Neapolitan Category – Trentola Ducenta (Caserta)
Angelo Tantucci, Pizzeria Capriccio – category a tasting – Monsano (Ancona)
Pino Di Gaetano, Pizzeria Lievitalmente Pino – Neapolitan category – Caserta
Raoul Rotundo, Zucca Flowers Pizzeria – Neapolitan Category – Rom
Vincenzo Esposito, Pizzeria Carmnella – Neapolitan category – Naples
Savino di Noia, Pizzeria Forentum Food Evolution – Neapolitan category – Sink (Potenza)
Giorgio Moffa, Antica Pizzeria da Ciro 1923 – Neapolitan category – Gaeta
Alessio Mattaccini, Pizzeria Spiazzo – Italian fried food category – Rome
Ciro Spinelli, Pizzeria Giallo Datterino – Neapolitan category – Villaricca (Naples)
Mattia Lattanzio and Giovanni Giglio, Pizzeria Extremis – Italian category – Rooms
Cristian Cennamo, Pizzeria Research Pizzas – Italian category – Cassino
Alessio Muscas, Pizzeria Sbanco – Italian category – Rooms
Paolo Amerina, Pizzeria Amerina la Pizzetta – taste category – Rom

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