Why have a humidifier in the house for children

Why have a humidifier at home for children: what are the benefits of having a humidifier, how to choose it

Why have a humidifier in the house for children

Air quality is important for many reasons: it allows you to sleep better, breathe better and generally feel good. Air that is too dry or too hot, on the other hand, can have negative consequences for health and various aspects of daily life. Here’s the reason for having one humidifier in the house for children that could be a good idea.

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What is a humidifier in the house for children

According to data from the various international health organizations, our homes are increasingly “polluted”: many hours are spent indoors without air exchange, the radiators are always on, products containing harmful substances are used Health. L ‘dry air it is responsible for many problems, in adults as well as in birthmarks children. But since the little ones are more prone to disturbed sleep and ai seasonal disordersTo have one humidifier in the house for children may be the solution.

Among the irritants that dry air can cause are:

  • dry nose, throat and eyes
  • cough
  • allergies
  • dry skin
  • Cracked lips

Have dry mucous membranes makes it more vulnerable and therefore prone to disease while dry nosefor example, it stops easily and prevents you from sleeping well. Makes the air more humid, especially in the winter when it is there warm up turned on, you avoid many of these problems.

How to select the humidifier

ONE humidifier is a product that quite simply hot water to convert it to steam, which it then releases into the air, making it more moist. Its purpose is precisely to make it more breathable and less dry. However, there are many models of humidifiers that work in different ways. The biggest difference lies in the technology:

  • cold: they are the latest generation of humidifiers that work thanks to ultrasound
  • hot: they are the classics that heat the water and turn it into steam

For the children’s room, it is preferable to buy cold humidifiers because they are risk-free: heat, as the name suggests, heats the water, which brings it to one hundred degrees, and there is therefore a risk of sunburn.

The best baby moisturizers to buy online

So we come to ours selection of baby moisturizers to buy online to look healthier and improve the days and nights of the whole family.

Super quiet ultrasonic humidifier

Ideal for children because it is not just one ultrasound, so children do not risk being burned, but it is also super quiet, perfect for winter nights. Used regularly, it guarantees healthy and moist air in the right place. Very large, with 2.5 liters it can work a whole night.

Levoit humidifier with cold mist hours

Another model of ultrasonic humidifierwith even greater capacity (3L), it has the advantage that it can be programmed with a timer that can be connected to an app and also acts as an essential oil diffuser, perfect for, for example, refreshing the air or to fight allergies or colds.

Other models of ultrasonic humidifiers we have selected for you:

Hot Humidifier Picture

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a classic model, this Pic from Pic has a discreet design, it is small and very simple to use, you just have to put the water in and turn it on! While heating the water and bringing it to 100 degrees, he sterilizes it. Autonomy of 6/7 hours.

Other things hot humidifiers which you will find on Amazon:

Buy one humidifier for children it is an excellent investment, because by improving the air quality, the whole family will sleep and breathe better, especially in winter!

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