Volvo works at night with electric shovels and excavators

volvo excavators and electric shovels

Volvo focuses on electric work machines and continues with the conversion of its vehicles (read here). In his advertising campaign, also in Italian, he focuses on night work. The plus of the electric is, according to the brand, also being able to function at sunset. “Do the work while the competition sleeps.” His offer is 5 battery-powered vehicles.

A graph shows the Swedish company’s zero emission run: city 2025 its compact machines will experience a large growth of decarbonized media. These are the phases: “Our goal is to achieve‘reset of net emissions of greenhouse gases in the value chain by 2040with significant reductions in emissions as early as 2030“.

5 models of mini excavators and wheel loaders

We have already written about the first models of Volvo excavators and wheel loaders, but we see the entire range which includes 5 work machines.


Electric wheel loader
Volvo’s first electric wheel loader

One of Volvo’s first electric creatures that heralded a new series of compact and electric wheel loaders. The announced performance is interesting: autonomy over eight hoursbut be careful as specified by Volvo: it depends on the type of work to be performed.

And the recharging? These are the times: with fast charge up to 80% in less than 1-2 hours; with the slow you get to 12 hours. The battery offers one capacity from 40 kWh.


L20, Volvo’s latest electric wheel loader

A less powerful step is the L20 bucket, which offers u33 kWh battery with 32 kW peak motor and 28 kW for the hydraulic system, but it is always specified an autonomy of more than 8 hours and available as an option there is also one 40 kWh battery.

The L20 is the latest addition to the Volgo and is designed for applications with a shovel capacity of 0.8 m3 and is suitable for work in tight spaces.

ECR25 the compact mini excavator

Volvo mini electric excavator
ECR 25 mini battery excavator from Volvo

It’s an old acquaintance, a product already in the catalog at Volvo. The 2.5-tonne excavator that underwent a kind of industrial retrofitting: The traditional motors were scrapped with the electric ones powered by a battery.

Self-steering is according to Volvo about 4 hours by using the most common applications. There charging ends in 6 hours and the fast one in 1 hour. A duty cycle can be completed with a quick recharge.

Wasn’t it better a brand new project designed for the electric? Volvo thinks differently: “Take a proven concept, then add battery power so you have all the performance you need“. That motor is 18 kW and the battery has one capacity from 20 kWh.

ECR 18

Volvo excavator ECR 18
ECR 18 mini electric excavator from Volvo

A newer product, again the excavator comes from an earlier model with internal combustion engine. A development: “All the documented success with the conventional ECR18 and ECR25 Electric, a 1.8 ton machineThe specified autonomy is on 4 hours thanks to a battery with one capacity from 16 kWh.

EM 18

Thanks to a battery with a larger capacity – reaches 20 kWh – EC 18 allows you to have a slightly longer autonomy and guarantee approx. 5 hours work. Considering you have breaks and a refill during lunch can cover a working day.

Volvo mini electric excavator
The electric range is completed by the C18 Electric

Here, too, there is one diesel counterpart to adhere to a company philosophy that focuses on the electrical upgrade of vehicles that have already been thoroughly tested.

It’s about 5 easily transportable work machines which can work indoors and on small urban buildings where there is lower tolerance to noise and more and more tightening on harmful emissions. For larger machines, the path is marked, but there is a waiting time.

To learn more and know all the technical details, refer to the company link, where there is also a comparison with competing brands.

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