Venice, Morosini Naval Academy turns 60: Saturday, May 7, the ceremony in San Marco

“Our destiny has been and will always be at sea.” These are the words of the old motto of the “Francesco Morosini” Military Naval Academy, born sixty years ago in the south-eastern corner of the island of Sant’Elena, the last strip of Venice’s “fishing tail”. An equal second-level educational institute, which with its many years of training activity has trained many generations of young people, and led them to take on prestigious leadership careers in the military and civilian field and contributed to spreading the country’s highest values ​​and representing the city locally. and national level. On Saturday, May 7, 2022, at Piazza San Marco in Venice, at 10:30 a.m., the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Military Naval Academy will take place with the solemn oath of 168 students.

The bond that unites Serenissima to the sea has always been very strong. This can be seen in the custom of regattas with different types of boats and in popular traditions such as the ritual of the sea wedding during the Festa della Sensa, which is celebrated on Ascension Day. But it can also be found in the local craftsmanship and in the prestige that the navy enjoys in the da Mar state, which for centuries was the republic’s most important armed force. But in the history of Venice, there have never been any maritime educational institutions comparable to the current naval school. For at that time the sailor was a profession learned by practice, directly on board the ship.

With the fall of the Serenissima, Venice felt a need to establish the first maritime training institutes, such as the Regia Scuola Machinisti, then the Regia Scuola Meccanici, located in the Arsenale area. It is in this context that the Naval Academy, later known as the “Francesco Morosini” military naval academy, fits in.

Overlooking the Venetian lagoon, with a view facing east towards the Venice Lido and south towards the San Marco Basin, the institute therefore gathers an important maritime heritage, and still maintains the millennial bond that the city has with the sea. . In fact, it is said that the first stone in the building’s original structure, designed in 1936 by architects Francesco Mansutti and Gino Miozzo, was taken from the Venice Arsenal, the heart of the 12th-century Venetian naval industry and associated with the most flourishing of Serenissima’s life. . This symbolic gesture is still visible on the facade of the entrance to the School.

The character to which the school is dedicated is also important. In naming the school, it was chosen to pay homage to the legendary Francesco Morosini, admiral and strategist of Serenissima, as well as the Republic’s 108th Doge, who in the seventeenth century excelled for his exploits against the Ottoman Empire during the War of Candia. In his memory, a bust of the famous leader is exhibited at the entrance to the structure.

The Naval Academy was founded in October 1961 with the aim of arousing young people’s interest in life at sea and orienting them towards the activities associated with it, and is today an equal second-class school that welcomes young people from all over Italy. the last three years of the scientific and classical high school take place according to the ministerial directives and programs. In addition to teaching, students try their hand at various sports and maritime disciplines, such as sailing, rowing, swimming and Venetian rowing.

Saturday, May 7, 2022 at At 10.30am, the 60th anniversary of the institute’s activity will be celebrated in Piazza San Marco, a repeat that was postponed last year due to restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the occasion, the solemn oath of 168 students from the 3 courses at the Navy School – the “Astraios” course, the “Centaurus” course and the “Meithras” course – will take place in the presence of the highest civilian and military institutional offices. To decorate the ceremony, the Navy Music Band, the honorary company of the Marina San Marco Brigade, the Navy High Representative Group (Silent Drill) and a company representing the students of the other Navy training institutes while in the pool in front of Piazza San Marco will have the destroyer. ” Luigi Durand de la Penne “be moored.

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