Trento, away the masks in school, but only for recreation: “Lowered for a maximum of twenty minutes”

No step back our line does not change. Councilor Mirko Bisesti on the subject of masks in school has clear ideas and does not want to hear about a turnaround. But when you read the clarification note from the daily head of the Department of Education and Culture in the province, Roberto Ceccato, published on Thursday, May 5, the feeling is like that. In the document of March 29 last, concerning the imminent end of the state of emergency Covid-19 (taken last March 31), it read verbatim: The mask can not be worn outdoors, even in the belongings of the structure and during sports activities, even indoors. A logical decision considering that the protection device is no longer mandatory, even to go to the game, whether outdoors or in the supermarket. But on Thursday, a clarification came from the province that destabilized the parents, which created a bit of confusion. In the memorandum, the Danish Agency for Education clarifies that after prior consultation with the National Board of Health possibility for students to hold the mask down during school breaks for a maximum of 20 minutes, as long as they are performed outdoors. The time set aside for recreation is no more.

The Battle of the Autonomous Provinces

an indication given by the health authority, Bisesti hastens to clarify, with a hint of embarrassment. And to emphasize his position, he recalls how reluctantly the two autonomous provinces had to adapt to the indications of Rome’s central government. The tower theme. Trento and Bolzano have been pushing for some time to remove protective devices in the school, but the government decree does not provide much room for maneuver. The South Tyrolean government had also tried, SVP counted on tests to get out of the stalemate and take a South Tyrolean road, but eventually everyone adapted. Since May 1, most of the restrictions imposed by the health emergency have fallen, but very little has changed for the school, almost nothing, one would say. We are the only ones in Europe who impose masks in the classroom – Bisesti insists – in England they removed them in January, even in Belgium, France and Germany there is no longer an obligation to wear protective gear, the province of Trento and Bolzano have fought a long battle about this together and we did it because we believe fully and firmly in this. But the health world of a different opinion.

The controversy: A mockery

The chairman of the Parents’ Council, Maurizio Freschi, defines it as a paradox. In the private sector, the employer has the right to decide, while in the public sector it is held cautiously. According to the parents to establish a maximum time during which the student can lower the mask while outdoors is a hypocrisy and also only creates confusion. In the classroom, the rules for distance and the protocols for aerating the classrooms have remained unchanged, yet students are required to wear the protective device – reflects Freschi again – it seems to me to be a mockery and yet another form of discrimination if necessary mask at school it must also be in other areas. The chairman of the parents’ council reminds that today it is possible to go to an outdoor concert, where everyone is close and often embraced, with an open face and then in the gym and in the shops, even food. I find it absurd that the obligation in supermarkets has been lifted and instead remains for the school, explains. So, referring to the two notes from the province: Let’s establish a rule that is coherent, for the fifteenth time we send a message of incoherence to young people who develop critical thinking, and we only create confusion by identifying the school as the only one place in danger.

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