This week’s design gallery dedicated to the foreign world

Spoiler alert: what appeared to be one flying saucer crashed on Mars it is not of any foreign nature. But when NASA not even a week ago released one of its images taken on the red planet,UFO alarm it clicked right away. The abandoned wreck, with its special conical shape, belongs to the same U.S. agency responsible for aerospace activities of civil interest in the United States, in particular a component that came loose during the landing of the Perseverance rover in February. 2021 (in jargon called backshell). The photographs, one said New York Times Ian Clark, an engineer who worked on the spacecraft, “certainly retains a certain science fiction element. It’s like they release a supernatural atmosphere, don’t you think? “

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After spending a year exploring the rocks of the planet it was sliding on, Perseverance passed close to the landing point on its way to a river delta that once flowed along the western edge of the crater. The rover’s little robot buddy, the Ingenuity helicopter, continues to follow him. The strange corpse – only initially unidentified – is one of two halves of the landing capsule, a shield about 4.5 meters in diameter that protected the two flying devices as they crashed into Mars’ atmosphere. As Kenneth Chang’s words note, “studying the remains of the shell may prove useful to the next big one NASA adventure to Mars: to bring rocks and earth back from there to Earth, for a more detailed study. “So while scientists and scientists have the difficult task of understanding and exploring the possibilities of the supernatural dimension, the paths of imagination open up for dreamers on the route of mystery and technology. The designers, in turn, translate the fantasies of the unknown into dreamlike visions with an alien charm. As this week’s design galleryin fact, lamps, furniture and accessories represent the world outside the orbit in a host of quirks and quirks beyond the ordinary.

Crosby Studios – Video Game Collection

crosby studios video game collection

Courtesy photo Crosby Studios

In Paris, during the last fashion week, the founder of Crosby Studios, Harry Nuriev, and the Director of Repossi, Gaia Repossi, has combined the virtual dimension with the physical world by creating a pop-up site, Web-3 Café, and bringing to life a re-creation of a scene from the next game that the Moscow designer will launch in the Sandbox meta-verse later this year. The main character of the room is the Video Game Collection, a set of pixelated furniture that plays with the bitmap aesthetic with arcade references between stools and small coffee tables.

Martinelli Luce – TX1

martinelli luce tx1

Courtesy Photo Martinelli Luce

“TX1, designed by Marco Ghilarducci, arises from the fascination for the infinite dimension of space and for its absence of barriers that generate a sense of boundless freedom. Looking at the lamp with the reflector facing up, slightly tilted, is like imagining the connection and exchange of data between a radar and the highly polished satellites immersed in the universe hundreds of km away from Earth. So says Martinelli Luce, one of his more extravagant lamps in the catalog, a painted aluminum housing, which in two sizes rests either on a raised surface or directly on the ground.

Another Human – ET Collection

another human being and a collection

James Elliot Bailey

The ET collection signed by Another Human tells of a group of aliens that have been lost in space (also in the picture above). To push the boundaries of design and materiality beyond the ordinary Leah Ring explore amazing shapes and constructions beyond the ordinary. For example, Bordon, an oversized chair in a vibrant blue velvet, cites Matisse’s sinosity to create a dreamlike being, complete with six misaligned legs, while the side table, Rebi, hides a functional soul behind the robot aspect: the rubberized wheels, similar to them, sliding one after the other in roller skates allows the structure to move.

Sunnei – rubber coated collection

sunnei rubber coated collection

Courtesy Photo Sunnei

Sunnei’s fun jewels, as well as the wardrobe of the brand founded by Simone Rizzo And Loris Messina, can only bring us back to Earth after a short lunar landing on parallel dimensions. Although the fashion and housing brand’s reference world is hi-tech, see the avatars in 3D, the must-have earrings belonging to the Rubberized Collection flash to the inflatable design. An alien aesthetic that rewrites the rules of the game about dress and appearance.

Gantri – Kobble Collection

gantri kobble collection

Courtesy Photo Gantri

To rediscover the theories that the forms that surround us affect our mood, Karim Rashid he designed the Kobble collection for Gantri, and interpreted for the American company the dictates of the simple and rounded aesthetics that characterize the so-called “blobjects”. Characterized by a floor, desk, table and wall lamp, the whole that the Egyptian-born designer imagines is therefore inspired by the irregular but soft profiles of pebbles and stones found on the shores of waterways.

Stellar Works – Space Invaders

the stars' works space invaders

Courtesy Photo Stellar Works

With especially almost anthropomorphic silhouettes is the series of Luca Nichetto designed for Stellar Works, which includes Dhala table and floor lamps, Hoba coffee tables with integrated LEDs and Lonar and Kaali trays, it is no coincidence that it is called Space Invaders. Murano-glass balls, metal supports and volumes in ceramic and wood intertwine to invade space, precisely in accordance with unexpected chromatic and material assemblages. The glossy shades combined with the magic of transparency populate the spaces in a free way and demonstrate how beauty does not preclude function.

Riccardo Crenna and Simona Flacco – True

the first collection of sand

Matteo Bianchessi

Simple pieces, commonly used, but with curious, sophisticated, sometimes strange details, are characterized by notes of craftsmanship and complex craftsmanship, more relevant to the manufacture of collectibles: this is the new collection of Vero, a brand made in Puglia, born of the collaboration between Riccardo Crenna and Simona Flacco and Pasquale Apollonio, founder of Level Project. The result is a set of objects with an almost childish sense that mixes stools, bookshelves, chairs, tables, carts, mirrors and magazine racks, and combines the truth of the materials with the sincerity of monochrome.

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