“The war in my Ukraine as a film of …

You do Belanovballon d’Or 1986, legend about Dynamo Kievspoke to the microphones of Sky Sport 24 of his career and also of the conflict in Ukraine. Belanov, resident in Odessahas decided not to leave the country.

I have no regrets. After playing for the team I played for, Dynamo Kyiv, it’s hard to regret. All in all, we have won many matches, many trophies, and I have won the Ballon d’Or; for this reason, at that time, I had no intention of moving elsewhere. My only regret is that I, Blokhin and others we could have left our country when we were already at a certain age, 30, 34 years old. We were not done, but no one looked closely at us. By the way, I’m happy with the career I had and the goals I achieved“, Belanov comments on his football career.


“We used to play to make our children proud”

Then he continues: “If I think about the past, I think I have never declared that the Golden Ball was my personal success, and I will never say that because I am convinced that as we say, a single walnut in the sack does not make noise. You can be a great player, but others play along with you who deserve equal attention and respect. And on the other hand in those years anyone on that team could have won the Ballon d’Or: some just do the dirty work, others attack, and obviously the public prefers the attacker. I’m very grateful to the coach, Lobanovsky, and I have fond memories of my teammates that I miss a lot.. We played for the fans, to leave our mark, not to be ashamed, but to be proud of our children: we did not play so much to do so. Now I have great satisfaction in carrying the golden ball around Ukraine, because I want Ukrainian children to see it and understand that a dream can come true if desired. I was also a child growing up in an institute, not in a sports school, an orphanage. I stayed there for 8 years. I want to make it clear to young players: I have never seen anyone who would not want a picture with the Ballon d’Or“.


Belanov on the golden ball

Belanov then provides a background on this recognition: “A very precious prize, which is said to have won Maradona, the year it was awarded instead isAnd. The journalists claimed that he was the best and that I should be number two, but they forgot that Maradona could not win it at the time when he was not European and non-Europeans could not get the award. I was rewarded because I had been crucial in many fights. But I do not want to put myself on a pedestal: I could never have achieved these results without my peers, I never get tired of repeating it.“.


Belanov on the war in Ukraine

At this point, Belanov talks about the horrors of the conflict in Ukraine, his home country: “I have to say I’m really in shock, it’s extremely hard to believe it’s all happening. I have a feeling I’m sleeping, that this is a nightmare or maybe a horror movie. When I saw the regimental hospitals, the wounded children, my heart sank. What do you want me to feel? I wonder: is it really possible that no solution has been found at the top of politics? Instead of killing people, children and then telling them that they are neo-Nazis, and such nonsense. We have to show what’s going on, which is not a game. I am very grateful to the Ukrainian Football Association for what it does in terms of assistance. I saw it even though I was not in the front line. I saw what happened Bucha. We want peace and our women, our children, the elderly. They are afraid to go out, to relate to others: you tell me if this situation is acceptable. You have to be numb to close your eyes and not helpor“.

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