The peace engine at work. Here’s who’s repairing the disasters of war

Collection of aid and food in the Sermig room in Turin at the Arsenale della Pace for the benefit of the Ukrainian people affected by the war

Collection of aid and food in the Sermig room in Turin, at the Arsenale della Pace, for the benefit of the Ukrainian people affected by the war – Partners

A machine of solidarity, cooperation, civic engagement that stubbornly intervenes to rectify the disasters of war. The Italian pacifist world does not stand still, but immediately activated itself with the imagination of the third sector. Although with funds that are certainly not comparable to those of the armies, which spend 100 million euros for a single fighter bomber.

The collection of food and medicine continues throughout Italy: the commitment of Acli, Sermig, Sant’Egidio and Focsiv is valuable. Thousands of volunteers on the field

For example, the activity of Focsiv, Federation of Christian Organizations for International Voluntary Service, which brings together many collaborative NGOs. For example, there is the Francesco Realmonte Association, which collects medicine for the refugee camp in Prague, Milan. There is Casa do Menor Italia, which together with L’Aquilone di Farigliano (CN) stores clothes and food to be donated to the Missionary Sisters of Congregation of Villavecchia for the two reception centers in Romania that are open to refugees. And the Punto Missione Foundation, present in Romania in Timisoara and Bucharest, which, together with the Discalced Carmelites of Snagov and the Mladite Association, opened a monastery and a children’s village to welcome refugees in transit to join family members in Europe.

Self See me Turin has saved the machines for a massive mobilization that has so far brought 1,300 tonnes of aid to Ukraine with 70 trucks, a plane and some buses that have been back and forth to bring refugees to Italy. Thousands of people came to bring donations to Arsenale: basic necessities, food, hygiene materials, hygiene products. With the money raised, Sermig managed to buy 4 ambulances, first aid backpacks, hospital medicine. All brought to their destination by Italian, Ukrainian and Romanian volunteers in over 15 Ukrainian cities.

There The Sant’Egidio community since the beginning of the war, it has been committed to providing medicine and medical supplies to a large network of health centers, municipalities, voluntary associations and especially hospitals in many affected cities focusing on nephrology and dialysis centers. About one hundred dialysis patients have been forced to leave the country and are guests in the Community of Italy. On April 22, an important shipment of insulin and levothyroxine was delivered to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in Lviv, sent in collaboration with Bambin Gesù Hospital, corresponding to a three-month need for two hospitals. They are life-saving drugs: insulin for diabetics, levothyroxine for those whose thyroid gland has been removed, a frequent condition in Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster.

Fundraising “On the run from Ukraine” promoted byArci together with Arcs ong for cooperation, to support civil society organizations active in Poland in receiving refugees. Arci was one of the protagonists of Stop The War, the caravan of 70 vehicles of 220 secular and Catholic activists that brought 30 tons of aid to Lviv, bringing back women, children, the elderly and the disabled who fled the country to Italy.

A large national fundraiser is also underway thanks to Acli. The funds will go to refugee centers on the border with Ukraine with the purchase and on-site distribution of medical supplies, food and basic necessities. In addition to receiving refugees at the Ipsia Acli facility in Trento and others of the ACLI system on national territory, the ACLI also sent a supply of 25,000 life-saving drugs to the Cardiology Department at St. Luca’s Hospital in Lviv, in the Lviv district, 27 carriages filled with medicine, food, milk and nappies brought from Prato by a special train at a cost of about 20,000 euros.

Another collection, intangible but equally important, is that of reflective contributions collected in the book “The pacifists and Ukraine (The alternatives to war in Europe)”, distributed free of charge as e-book on his side from Let’s get out of balance!, the campaign for 49 organizations and networks of Italian civil society engaged in the issues of public spending and economic policy alternatives. In the current interventionist climate, the collection presents an alternative thought that points the way to a possible peace, with analyzes and testimonies of resistance to war and civil society in Moscow, Kiev and Europe.

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