The curtain falls for the Volleyball School’s seminars

Thanks to the testimony of Maurizio Colantoni, Rai commentator and historic voice of the national volleyball teams, of Leandro De Sanctis, journalist who has indelibly linked his profession to volleyball, and tells it on the pages of the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio and Mauro De Sanctis, photographer from the International Volleyball Federation, Majorana students were able to deepen the emotional dynamics of a journalistic story in video, in print and on photos. The school’s director Federica Consolini introduced the seminar under the chairmanship of the Acea Volley School-Trophy project Alessandro Fidotti.

Sports teacher. Anyone who has practiced at least one discipline will be able to testify – the President explained – Thanks to the sport, basic values ​​are learned, such as respect for oneself and for others.

I am lucky because I experience these emotions on a daily basis – Colantoni’s words – Emotions are a part of every single one of us. When I first met the camera in ’99, it looked like a monster to me. Today I try to tell the feelings in the best possible way.

Leandro De Sanctis reminded young people that ” Emotions are a close relative of passion. Emotions are basic. Because if you do not feel anything by following an event, what interest can you arouse in people? My first Olympics was in ’92, when Italian volleyball was eliminated in the quarterfinals. I lived the great epic of Generation of Phenomena (about the success of the 1990 World Cup, De Sanctis also wrote a book, “The Treasure of Rio”, ed.), But you must also prepare yourself to deal with negative emotions when they arise with professionalism “.

For Mauro De Sanctis “Photography is a snapshot, it fixes the feeling of a moment to make it eternal. You need timing, knowledge of the technique and experience to get the best possible result home ».

The event was also attended by Laura Trebbi from Acea and the teachers from Majorana, among them the historical referees from the volleyball school, Lucia Savini and Daniela Magnanti.


From now on, all attention will be shifted to the played part of the event: at the “La Spiaggia” establishment in Ostia, the next two Wednesdays qualifiers for students and students in the Beach Volley School-Acea Trophy will be staged. After the first phase of the male Juniors category last Wednesday, May 4, the 220 girls joined the female Juniors board, born in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and accompanied on the fields by their sports teachers, challenged each other on the Roman coast . After the group stage (three teams in each pool), the knockout challenges assigned 24 teams (qualified for the final on May 25) from John Paul II, Touschek, Democritus, Socrates, Russell, Da Vinci, Via Copernicus, Benedetto Da Norcia, Tacitus, Via di Saponara, Foscolo, Pasteur, Montessori, Labriola, Machiavelli, Morgagni, Spallanzani, Enriques, Cavour og Majorana. The validity of the Acea Beach Volley School-Trophy is recognized by the Lazio region through the call co-financed by the European Union within the European Social Fund Plus Program (ESF +) 2021-2027 – Policy objective 4 “A more social Europe” FIPAV Lazio Regional Council Luca Liguori participated in the event.


Faresin-Feliziani (John Paul II)

Marsili-Ferrando-Tallone (Touschek)

Argenio-Monfreda (Democritus)

► Affari-Paoloni-Masi (Socrates)

Masciavè-Di Silvio (Democritus)

Porceddu-Sacco-Oddi (Russell)

Marchetti-Mastrodonato-Inga (Da Vinci)

Maier-Giovinazzo (Via Copernico)

Carattoli-Schiavone (Benedetto Da Norcia)

Rossi-Petitti-Saltari (Tacitus)

Barese-Di Napoli (Via di Saponara)

Patacchiola-Tantalus (Via di Saponara)

Vezza-Micillo (Foscolo)

Macchi-Bardelli (Pasteur)

Zieba-Marra (Montessori)

Mennella-Bensi (Labriola)

Vernucci-Omier-Caracciolo (Machiavelli)

Angellion-Aureli-Pascoli (Morgagni)

Maselli-Gammuto-Desideri (Spallanzani)

Paolucci-Da Valle-Celli (Enriques)

Aprea-Consiglio-Vanni (Enriques)

Curti-Melillo (Cavour)

Calò-Ferrari (Touschek)

Vincenzi-Cerini (Spallanzani)

Surace-Mariani-Carducci (Majorana)

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