The cultural embassy was born in Oslavia

In collaboration with wine producers from Brda and the VipaVA Valley, restaurateurs and accommodation facilities, foreign embassies and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport, Brda has entered the eleventh edition of the International Arts Festival – Art Circle. The International Festival of Fine Arts takes place throughout the Brda area and at individual locations in the Vipava Valley between two weeks in April and two weeks in October 2022, with the participation of selected foreign and Slovenian artists in 17 cultural embassies and an independent festival taking place.
Since 2011, when the first cultural embassy in Uroš and Nejka Klinec in Plešiva ​​was opened on the initiative of Etko Tutta and Klemen Bruno and with the great support of the Polish Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Nova Gorica, Nedjan Brataševec and the Polish Embassy in Slovenia, they have been in Goriška Brda and have founded even more cultural embassies in the wider area of ​​Gorizia. This year, the new Polish Embassy in Italy joined the 16 existing cultural embassies and came to life in the Klanjscek Wine and Stay facility. A proof that the artistic circle develops from year to year and expands abroad. The Art Circle project, which started 11 years ago in Goriška Brda, has over the years been brought to the Vipava Valley and this year to the Italian part of Brda, Collio.

“I am extremely pleased to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Slovenia in 2022 -” said the Excellency Krysztof Oendzky, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Slovenia. unique in world history and for Polish literature And romance is the common thread in our event, also because the Polish-Slovenian cultural ties in the Romantic period became particularly close, the contacts became particularly lively and direct, If I mention the friendship between the most famous Slovenian poet France Prešeren with a Pole – Emil Korytko, I would like to emphasize that the Polish-Slovenian cultural, economic and political ties have been intertwined for centuries and 30 years ago a new chapter The Common Past inspires us to continue bilateral cooperation and discover new areas of cooperation in our countries free and independent “.

“Never like in this historic moment has culture played a crucial role in uniting people – explains the councilor for culture and tourism development in the municipality of Gorizia, Fabrizio Oreti – in our territory we demonstrate it with facts, just think of Nova Gorica and Gorizia European Capital of Culture in 2025 as well as the ongoing Unesco candidacy Brda / Collio / Cuei.Projects that not only unite but produce valuable economic incentives for the benefit of local communities.For Gorizia, Oslavia represents the gateway to Collio.With this in mind, we are pleased that it first cultural embassy was born here. I congratulate the Klanjscek family who will carry out this important project in Wine and Stay “.

“We are honored to be the first Slovenians in Italy to open the Polish Art Embassy, ​​which will come to life in harmony with cultural, artistic and gastronomic contributions,” adds Dejan Klanjscek of Wine and Stay. “We are convinced that our Collio will be a source of inspiration for many artists and an opportunity to weave intercultural comparisons in search of ever new challenges and pollution ”.

The artistic director of the Art Circle project, the academic painter Klemen Brun, explains that “Art Circle is a project that paves the way for its 10-year anniversary, both in the local community and in diplomatic circles, and especially in professional circles of international contemporaries. art .. It is a business model I would venture to say, unique in Slovenia and in the world, also confirmed by the solidity and sustainability of a successful organization.The project that stems from the basic form of creating and socializing artists and it local communities of winemakers began in 1997 on the farm of Aleksa and Uroš Klinec a story drawn by Etko Tutta, in a form that we wanted to increase the reach of art.With the ambassadors from countries around the world who have their embassies in Slovenia, we spread the history and example of good practice, and above all to emphasize the listening, goodwill and culture of the local winegrowers and restaurateurs. n great pride in our local winegrowers and restaurateurs, open We already have 17 cultural embassies this year, further consolidating our position in the international space of the cultural world “.

The Director of ZTKMŠ Brda, Tina Novak Samec emphasizes that “with this project and the expansion in the Vipava Valley and in the Italian cross-border part of Brda – Collio, we are achieving our goal of connecting the wider territory of Gorizia into a cross-border municipality. border area.In Brda, culture and art have had their place for centuries and are also here listed as one of the pillars of a tourist destination.In the direction of the next European Capital of Culture Nova Gorica-Gorica 2025, I can confirm with certainty that this is one of the projects that has already established itself over the years, has achieved recognition and quality and has great potential in terms of expansion and growth.I believe this is one of the leading projects in this history that connects culture and art with the local community, local products, artists and diplomats in a place where different cultures and nations have crossed each other throughout history. “

For the eleventh year in a row, Art Circle has brought together contemporary visual artists, curators, art historians, cultural institutions abroad and in Slovenia, who propose artists to participate in this project. We connect professional artists with cultural institutes and embassies in their countries, thus bringing an international cultural and artistic impetus to the region.

This year we have designed the festival in four editions: two in April and two in October 2022. A week-long festival hosts several events and meetings between locals, tour operators, wine producers, journalists, cultural institutes and ambassadors and artists.

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