the conference in the Alternative Chamber

The parliamentarians of Alternativa organized an event in the hall where no passport doctors like Alberto Donzelli and Marco Cosentino showed any studies that would dismantle the usefulness of anti Covid vaccines, especially for children.

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At a conference held this morning in the hall of the Palazzo Valdina by Alternative MPs, who in these two years of pandemic have criticized the handling of the emergency, Green Pass and the restrictions against Covid, and asked for the free tampons and also in doubt about the usefulness of Vaccines and the reliability of the studies available so far, the vaccinations on children and the cured have been discussed. Today’s meeting had the main purpose of disproving the belief that vaccines can actually prevent infection, which is the assumption on which the government’s rules on the pandemic are based.

“The last few months’ infections and re-infections say a lot about the guarantee from vaccines”, said the deputy Francesco Sapia in its introduction. At the event, defined by the organizers of “counter information”entitled ‘Vaccinations for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection, for the cured and for children: what does the scientific evidence say today?’ Alberto Donzellispecialist in hygiene and preventive medicine and food science, former member of the Supreme Health Council, Marco Cosentinofull professor of pharmacology at the University of Insubria, ed Eugenio Serravallespecialist in pediatrics, chairman of the Association for Scientific Studies and Health Information, all figures already known in the No Pass universe.

Donzelli and Cosentino, members of the Scientific Committee for the 15 October Coordination, set up by the port workers of Trieste led by Stefano Puzzer, who for weeks protested against the commitment to the green passport in the workplace, also took part in the controversial hearing on 7 December. “Vaccination obligations and strengthening of Covid-19 green certifications” in the Constitution Committee of the Senate. The two, as Tomorrow remembers, had taken the floor immediately after the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, who compared the anti-Covid rules to Nazism, and Domenico Mastrangelo, who suggested vitamin C to cure Covid.

Mandatory masks at work at least until June, indoors and outdoors

“Vaccines are among the drugs used with less clinical evidence”said Cosentino. “The evidence is very limited, the vaccines used in the EU were approved at that time on the basis of individual small randomized controlled trials”.

The professor cited a work published in the Lancet on the results of vaccine license studies: “The very high percentages of vaccine protection, around 90-95%, that are presented to us are only one way to express the effectiveness of the vaccine. But they only show a relative reduction in risk. But there is also an absolute reduction. Of risk, and if we evaluate all these products, we find that the absolute reduction in the risk of incurring a Covid of any severity, for all the products we have available, is about 1%.

Doctors against vaccinations for children

“We have presented our vaccination assessments to doctors and public health decision-makers for a year. The vaccines’ ability to prevent infection was good with previous variants before Omicron. Then it became mediocre, and in the medium term. It can become negative.”said Dr. Donzelli. “In addition, the infection in children affects the vaccinated more than the unvaccinated. This has not yet been understood, but the data show it: children between 5 and 11 years old, fully vaccinated, undergo a rapid loss of protection and increased infections.”, have explained. And again, Donzelli spoke about the protection of the cured or even of those who have asymptomatically overcome the infection and who are now being pressured to carry out a further vaccination: “Two huge international studies, one Swedish and one Israeli, show that the protective effect of a single new infection requires, according to the Swedes, 1,534 extra doses of vaccine; Israelis need 2,000.”

Donzelli also shows a slide that, however, indicates that it is one ‘pre-print’an excerpt from a scientific journal article that may change after review, in which it is indicated for children; “40% reduction in vaccination effectiveness compared to unvaccinated after one and a half months from the baseline course”. As for the serious Covid hospitalizations, according to Donzelli, there was always one for children “peak of severe cases after the start of vaccinations”.

According to pediatrician Serravalle, there is none “hurry to vaccinate children”for there would not be “no Covid emergency” for the young, because if infected with SARS-CoV-2, they are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms: “The rest are just opinions that should trigger disaster”he stated under the link. “Since Omicron has become dominant, children have admittedly become more infected, but with a lower degree of severity, which has meant that there have been fewer visits to the emergency room, fewer hospitalizations, fewer access to intensive care, less need for assisted breathing.”he said, referring to a study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Serravalle also minimizes the manifestations of Lang Covid in children with SARS-CoV-2 infection: “I’ve been a pediatrician for 42 years, and I can say that children after a viral infection, even a trivial one, very often have symptoms that are much more annoying than those caused by Covid.” The pediatrician reports data from an English study, according to which “The severity of the symptoms that can be referred to Covid-19 is comparable to the symptoms of many viral infections”. The doctor shows a slide in which the consequences of Long Covid on children and adolescents are compared with the consequences of other respiratory infections, in the 5 months after the disease: symptoms such as changes in bowel habits, weight loss, feeling unwell, seizures, would be more common in people have had other viral infections.

The parliamentarians are present at the Alternativa conference

They spoke at the conference Laura StabileSenator for Forza Italia, Member of the Health Commission, and MEP from Taranto Rosa D’Amato, former M5s now exponent of the Green Group in the European Parliament, which recalled the European Chamber’s decision to extend the Green Pass until June 2023, but only the certificate needed to travel between countries at European level. The senator also spoke Gianluigi Paragonehead of Italexit, according to which in these two years “A point of view was taken, and decisions were made about it. The Folketing and the part of the scientific community that raised doubts were displaced, and on the basis of that pseudo-truth, the normative choices were made. Why Can’t We Take into taking into account all the possible data? There are scientific journals that bring contradictions, it is a segment of the scientific literature.

“The brothers of Italy’s position are well known – said the senator Lucio Malanwho specified that he was present in his personal capacity – against the green passport and is in favor of clear information. Lies have been told, it is surreal to note that we are moving forward with a certain line, as if the experiences of other countries did not exist that have already eliminated the use of masks indoors, even without taking distance. It continues as if the world ended up within our narrow confines. ‘

“On July 22 last year, Draghi said that with the Green Passport, we would continue to carry out our activities with the certainty of being with people who would not have infected us. From the day after, and until the last ISS bulletin, we know that yes 4 million and 600 thousand Italians are infected who certainly had Green Pass “pointed out Malan.

Roberta FerreroSenator for the League, condemned the lack of clear communication from Minister Speranza: “We asked for scientific evidence and transparency about pharmacovigilance, about the effects of vaccines. No major answers have been given, but to do science we need to collect data in an objective and timely manner. There was no serious scientific debate.”

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