The campaign final starts, four players for the stay


The most important moment in the live Serie A2 Playoffs has arrived: The moment of the promotion final. The stars of the best-of-three match will be Cbf Balducci Mr Macerata and Lpm Bam Mondovì, who have reached the final step on the scoreboard after eliminating two of the favorites, Talmassons and Brescia. The road to the Marche was clear, with no defeat: always two games to get better, in order, at Soverato, Sassuolo and Friulians. More torturing than Monregalesi, who needed Race 3 to overturn the challenges with Olbia and Martignacco before exploiting the Lionesses. The two teams have met each other six times in their history with five orange and black victories in a row after the first Pumina victory, the most important in the final of the Italian Cup of A2 last year and the last in chronological order in the quarter-finals of this year’s Italian Cup. Since that trophy, however, only coach Paniconi, who has remained central to the Macerata squad, has practically shifted in all its holders, with the sextet formed by setter Ricci diagonally with Malik, the two central Cosi and Pizzolato and bands Michieletto and Fiesoli, with Bresciani free. On the contrary, Mondovì’s backbone is the same, with Taborelli, Hardeman and Molinaro, accompanied by the expert setter Cumino, the hitter Trevisan, the other central Montani and the free Bisconti, with the change to the technical guide. given on arrival by coach Solforati.

Then coach Paniconi said before the challenge:

«The importance of commitment is of course also perceived from the surrounding environment. From the inputs, from the external stimuli, there is a greater expectation than the calm with which we have faced these Playoffs, and which so far has been the strength of this group, but we are not caught unprepared. Mondovì is a team that has gone through these playoffs in crescendo, the victory in the semifinals confirms their qualities and their state of form. It will be an exciting and difficult match between two teams that have shown that they have the ability to push at the right moment and a good unity in the game.

These are Captain Cumino’s words:

“In the last semi-final match, we felt all the support from the fans, but above all also from the entire management, who together with the city authorities did everything to let us play at Pala Manera. We played against Macerata in December in the Italian Cup. In this championship, but especially in the playoffs, we have grown and matured a lot, they have had a much clearer path, with very few lost sets. Macerata is a team of good attackers who make small mistakes and defend a lot: it will be important to be patient and try to make fewer mistakes than them. We have shown that even on the road we can play, and also well, and be crucial: we will play it to the last! “.


The match, which opens on Saturday in Pool Salvezza, is the match between Club Italia Crai and Sigel Marsala Volley, with the recovery of the fourth first match after the turn of the field ten days ago, where the Sicilians have trimmed a clear 3-0 to the blues and compromised their race of salvation. Now the girls of coach Mencarelli can no longer make mistakes with fate no longer in their hands: it will be necessary to win and hope for a favorable result for Vicenza against the current second Sant’Elia. The Sicilians have shown a fluctuating trend after conquering safety, and after 3-0 in Modica, they want to honor the pool to the last, so the result of the confrontation is far from obvious.

The direct match between Anthea Vicenza and Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia will be crucial to establish the second team that will guarantee their stay in Serie A2. The two teams’ form moments are the opposite, with Vicenza in trouble all post-season and Ciociare very brilliant in recent releases, allowing the comeback against Club Italia to be defeated 3-0 last week. For coach Giandomenico’s girls is a success enough to avoid relegation, in a heartbreaking match away from home, as even the cats with the three points could snatch salvation.

Then assistant coach Gino Russo presents the challenge:

“It will be the most important match of the season and as we have never liked easy things, we will play them in Vicenza, far from friendly walls. In my opinion, Vicenza is a very difficult team made up of players who have played in this category for years, with a technical background that will definitely put us in trouble.We trained a lot to get to this match and we will do everything to give salvation to ourselves, to the girls on our team, to the whole city of Sant’Elia and finally to all the members of the club ».

“Although salvation does not only depend on us – comments coach Chiappini instead– we must play our games, which we have tried to prepare as best we can. Sant’Elia is a very experienced team that has elements like Lotti, Vanni and Fiore. Compared to the first match, we need to manage errors better and raise our batting performance. In general, we should try to express our game in the best possible way, also relying on the fact of playing at home ».

There will be no effort if not the honor and desire to end the season well in the match between Rizzotti Design Volleyball Sicily Catania and Tenaglia Altino Volley who have already been relegated. But after ruining Aragon’s plans with last week’s 2-3, rossoblu will try to make the home crowd happy last season, while the abruzers will have to play to finish the Serie A2 course with a victory. In the first match, at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Lanciano, there was no history between the two teams, with a stratospheric Bulaich Simian with 28 points and 64% in attack, useful for the final 0-3. This is Mr Collavini’s statement to the Abruzzo women:

“The last week is always special, especially when you are trying to motivate a team without more goals. But we want to do well, we performed well in this pool despite the fact that we had taken responsibility for the team in an already compromised situation ‘

The defeat against Catania greatly reduced the chances of salvation for Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona, who tomorrow will play in the Sicilian derby against Aegea Pvt Modica and is forced to win and hope for a coincidence of favorable results. An almost unexpected stop came after a positive series of matches, which forces the team of coach Giangrossi, who must play last, to already be aware of his fate before he even takes the field. Valeria Caracuta presents the meeting as follows:

“We know that our salvation will depend a lot on the other teams, and mainly on Sant’Elia and Club Italia, who will play in the early afternoon. We hope it is a solid last day, we have a duty to believe in it. We focus on our match, which will be played last when we know the results of the other matches.We want to end a difficult and complicated season with a boom, we will do everything to beat Modica at home in front of our fans. My future? I’m starting to think about it on Saturday night from 11pm onwards. Now I’m just thinking about the match against Modica. I’m very fond of Aragon but everything will depend on the club’s goals.


Sunday, May 8 at 4:45 p.m.

Cbf Balducci Hr Macerata – Lpm Bam Mondovì DOMMERE: Nava-De Simeis



Saturday 7 May 16.00-

Club Italia Crai – Sigel Marsala Volley REFEREES: Lorenzin-Lentini


Saturday 7 May 17.00-

Anthea Vicenza – Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia REFEREE: Sabia-Russo

Saturday 7 May 18.00-

Rizzotti Design Volleyball Sicily Catania – Tenaglia Altino Volley REFEREE: Cruccolini-Licchelli

Saturday, May 7 at 20.00-

Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona – Egea Pvt Modica DOMMERE: Marigliano-Lanza


Sigel Marsala Volley 45 (16-11); Assitec Volleyball Sant’Elia 29 (10-17); Club Italia Crai 28 (10-17); Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona 27 (8-19); Anthea Vicenza 27 (8-19); Rizzotti Design Volleyball Sicily Catania 26 (9-18); Egea Pvt Modica 17 (6-21); Altino Volley 8 (2-25).
* Points (won-lost)

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