“Sons of the Stars”, in Bergamo an exhibition to celebrate Europe

Bergamo. 77 years have now passed since May 9, 1945, the day that marked, de facto, the end of World War II. Five years later, on 9 May 1950, the then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman delivered the Schuman Declaration: what is now considered the first speech inaugurating the beginning of the European integration process, with the aim of creating a future federal union. It is precisely on this occasion that the European Heads of State and Government instituted the “Europe Day” in 1985.

To celebrate May 9 this year, Bergamo will host the exhibition Sons of the Stars: Bergamo for European initiative requested by the European Federalist Youth of Bergamo, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo, the European Federalist Movement and with the protection of the European Commission.

In recent weeks, the organizers have opened an artistic call to involve the girls and boys from the high schools in the Bergamo area, who were given the opportunity to present their creative idea of ​​Europe by 3 May. Photography, graphic design, illustration, poetry and video production: students will be able to use any artistic medium by answering the question “what is a united Europe and / or the federal Europe for you?”.

All the works will be exhibited at an exhibition in Bergamo accompanied by Lorenzo Epis, graphic designer and art director from Bergamo, who has decided to transform his European activism into his profession. His commitment to Europe was born with the advent of Brexit: after 7 years of study and work in London, the young creative in 2016 decided to devote himself to research and artistic experiments to fill what he calls the iconographic deficit in ‘Europe.

The exhibition will be open in the Sala delle Scuderia in via Borgo Palazzo 16 on 7 May and will be open with free admission until 15 May from 11am to 8pm (Friday and Saturday until 10pm). While the inauguration will take place on Europe Day, May 9 at 6.30pm.

For a United and Federal Europe: “Sons of the Stars: Bergamo for Europe” will accompany you on an artistic journey to discover the federalist dream.

Lorenzo Episartist and member of the European Federalist Youth of Bergamo, states: “Despite the countless advances made by the European integration process, starting with the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1945, it is too often difficult to breathe a genuine a sense of European pride among European citizens.There is a link between the iconographic deficit in our Europe and the latter’s difficulties in obtaining popular consent, and that is precisely why I hope the Sons of the Stars can travel through graphics, photos, paintings and images of all kinds, the feeling of pro-European pride, crucial to the future of our continent ”.

By the same token Simone ForestiSecretary of the European Federalist Youth of Bergamo, who emphasized: “Having a fully sovereign, democratic and supportive Europe today would mean giving Community policies the tools to work effectively and credibly for lasting peace, for the defense of civil and social rights, for a more stable economy and a fairer and more prosperous labor market, as well as making study experiences abroad increasingly affordable for all. For these and many other reasons, Europe is closely linked to the lives and futures of the younger generations involved in this exhibition”.

Finally, Luisa Trumellini, National Secretary of the European Federalist Movement, concludes: “Never as in this dark moment that marks the return of war and its atrocities on our continent, we need to commit ourselves to building the political and federal Europe that was inherent in the ECSC project and The Schuman Declaration, which was just born as an antidote to nationalism and dictatorships. A united Europe is, above all, a laboratory for peace, democracy and freedom. , democracy, freedom – today we must feel more than ever as our project to be strengthened and completed by creating a genuine federal unity; even more so for young people, federal Europe is the only guarantee of a future of civil, political and thanks to the GFE in Bergamo, who thought of this exhibition and who knew how to involve the students by creating an important opportunity for commitment and reflex ion “.

For more information www.kidsofeurope.com/figli-delle-stelle

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