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Covid rules and regulations ignored. The three indictments issued by Ticino’s prosecution against three employees, all with leadership roles, one of whom left the institution, at the Sementina nursing home could be summarized in this way (see related).

The three who appeared on Tuesday have been challenged for repeated violations of the federal law on combating communicable diseases in humans, this for non-compliance with some directives, instructions and recommendations issued by the competent authorities to prevent the spread of SARS virus . CoV-2, while the most serious charge of manslaughter fell. A fine of between 4 and 8,000 francs is proposed against them, depending on the liability in the case and the role and payment of legal fees. Decrees issued by the defendants that the defense counsel will oppose, and which therefore land in the Criminal Court.

As one scrolls through the pages of the decrees that CSR has been able to see, the violations that occur are linked to symptoms of ignored guests, tests not performed, lack of isolation, and group activity organizations that should have been suspended.

Despite the strict rules issued by the cantonal doctor’s office for the elderly, which already in early March 2020 provided isolation and testing of all over 65 years with respiratory symptoms or fever above 38 ° C in Sementina between March 13 and April 17, the prosecutor claims that in almost twenty cases the symptoms have been ignored or at least underestimated. The result: tests to identify Covid-19 performed several days later, in some cases even after one or two weeks. Not only that, in most of these cases, the guests were not even isolated and actually continued to eat meals in the common areas and participate in group activities, the public ministry notes. In all cases, the guests then got the disease.

After the virus entered the facility, on 18 March 2020 with the first positive partners and guests, between 19 and 30 people continued to eat together in a common room for a week, and until 17 April 2020, between 5 and the 15 people. to have lunch together in common rooms on the floors. In both cases, it was not always possible to keep a suitable distance.

Group activities also continued in the period between March 16 and April 7, 2020. In fact, the decree mentions 24 apartments where various activities took place with the presence of three to fourteen guests. This type of activity was explicitly prohibited by the cantonal doctor’s directive of 9 March 2020.

Four guests who died during this period, who had shown symptoms but who were not isolated and continued to frequent common rooms and group activities, were never tested, and it is not known to them whether they had been assigned at the time of death. Covid-19 or less.

Rough contact tracing, positive employee and external employees

According to investigators, however, the list of violations of what was decided and imposed by Bern and Bellinzona to stem the haste in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic does not end here, and the three leaders are also challenged, in the period between 6 p.m. March 22 and April 17, 2020, for not having prepared the list of close contacts in the last 48 hours of the guests tested positive. “With the consequence that the infections were not detected at the health site (and therefore it was not possible to avoid)” reads the indictment.

The use of a nurse during a night shift in April is also disputed, despite her being tested positive for the virus.
Finally, again in the same month in 2020 and despite the cantonal directive banning access to nursing homes dating back to March last year, one of the leaders had given three workers permission to come in to perform a painting operation on one of The floors of the structure, an intervention which the prosecutor, however, did not consider urgent.

TG 12:30 Tuesday the 03.05.2022

Dario Lanfranconi

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