SELIFT, a “big” in lift is present in Poggiomarino

An option devised by Italnoleggi that will benefit the construction sector

The first edition of Machinery Village, an event organized by Italnoleggi and dedicated to the industrial and construction machinery sector, starts today in Poggiomarino. Among the participants is a newly opened Bergamo company, Selift, born from the development of a division of the Selini group, an Italian company with a solid foundation in logistics, handling and forklifts. The company is exclusively dedicated to lifting people and is a distributor for Italy of the Sinoboom brand, a Chinese expert brand for lifts. “The hope – explains Oscar Prigione di Selift – is not only to consolidate the network with the operators of the Ple rental sector, who will visit the exhibitors’ stands during the event, but also that an option of this type, devised by a company such as, it can establish itself more and more in the future, for the benefit of the whole sector. ” In fact, for the first time in Campania, the fair will bring together the operators of the region and the entire national territory, thus representing an incubator for a growing market, which is in any case affected by the economic difficulties and by finding the components caused by the war and post-pandemic situation. .

Selift itself has registered positive growth, thanks to the incentives of the past year, although the geopolitical and thus economic uncertainty, with an impact on energy costs, does not leave you silent. The demand for platform rental is constantly increasing, also in the light of bonuses in the construction field, but on the other hand, explains Prigione – who has over 30 years of experience in lifts – companies only invest if they have a real need .. From its Selift certainly has an efficient internal organization, which makes it possible to respond immediately to the customer’s needs with fast delivery thanks to a warehouse that is always provided. And then the excellence of the Sinoboom brand, on which it has acquired an internal competence that makes it possible to follow the customer even on the technical aspects before and after sales, with the availability of spare parts and immediate support.



New reality, but with a rich know-how

Selift is based in Filago, in the province of Bergamo. Very young, however, she can count on solid know-how, as she is a department of the Ple of Selini Group. Selift also stands out for the expertise that the internal, technical and highly specialized team has gained. From the beginning to today, the company has registered good growth and has quickly established itself as a national reference point for the distribution of the Sinoboom brand.


Successful internal organization

Selift is currently consolidating its structure by investing in an organizational model that is able to follow the customer through the entire after-sales process. In this respect, the network of workshops located throughout the Italian territory, the implementation of internal and external technical staff as well as the cooperation established to promote efficient market development are fundamental. In addition to being a reference point for Ple renters, Selift is also a reference point for forklift dealers.


The innovation of the Sinoboom brand

Innovation drives every market. Sinoboom works in this direction to improve the performance of the machinery with a special focus on environmental protection. Only electrical and hybrid machines are developed in shipbuilding, which changes the course of the traditional and unique use of the diesel engine, which affects the environment and the quality of work in the form of noise. Machines that will maintain high performance, suitable for uneven and indoor terrain.


Technological and ecological solutions

According to Anima Aisem’s forecasts, the Italian market for lifts should grow by an average of 8% each year from 2022 to 2028. Among those who buy or rent ple, the trend is to choose models powered by electricity. These can also be used indoors without any problems, as they do not emit polluting emissions. The benefits also include noise pollution reduction: The battery is particularly quiet and efficient. In addition, the latest generation of models can be used for several consecutive hours before they need to be recharged.


Lifts: The selection is very wide

Lifts – also known as Ple – are the most effective solution for those who need to work at height. Established several decades ago, they quickly conquered a large part of the market thanks to their flexibility and ability to reach significant heights. The industry offers several alternatives, each of which can be used in different areas.

Among the most common lifts, the truck-mounted models stand out: as the name suggests, they are installed on a truck and can be equipped with both an articulated arm and a telescopic arm that reaches over 40 meters in height. Remaining in this area, we should mention the telescopic self-propelled Ple, characterized by a swivel base and the ability to reach very great heights.

Those looking for particularly flexible Ple can turn to the self-propelled articulated arm models: These lifts are very useful in cases where obstacles need to be avoided.

This is possible by virtue of their rotational ability. The easy transport and the small size are instead the primary features of the Ple on the trailer, which can be easily transported on a van and thus reach even narrow spaces. Then there are the vertical pantograph platforms, which are characterized by the use of a system of mechanical handles and by their small size. Finally, among the most commonly used models, we should mention the crawler spider Ple, perfect solution for areas with narrow access.


Electric, for autonomy

Among the Sinoboom products exhibited by Selift in Machinery Village, the articulated lifts and vertical masts will be the focus of attention. As for the articulated vehicles, these are ple with a zero-emission electric motor, with a lifting structure on the axle and automatic braking by closing maneuvers.

System diagnostics and programming are also automated thanks to an advanced display. For complete autonomy in the management of the platform, there is a Qr code, which also allows you to download manuals and CE on smartphones. In addition to innovation, the Sinoboom articulated ple represents expertise in the field of workplace safety, with anti-crush protection bars on the basket and bumpers.


So security is smart

Also in terms of the excellence of a model like the vertical mast, Sinoboom has designed the best technology to allow efficient and safe use of the platform on site, on winding and non-winding terrain. Starting from the automatic anti-rollover skates, up to the electric propulsion that requires no maintenance, as in the case of the joint, it is a groundbreaking and particularly “smart” product, also thanks to the lateral range of 3.30 meters and the basket with a practical storage surface for any eventuality. At the Machinery Village stand, the specialized technical team is available for an in-depth study of the technical-innovative properties of the Sinoboom product.

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