School, here are the winners of the Astronomy Olympics: the names of the Apulias

The proclamation and award ceremony of the XX edition of the Astronomy Olympics took place on April 28 in Perugia. In 82, they faced the final challenge of the podium. The finalists in the categories J2 and Senior were to pass two tests: a theoretical and a practical test.

The final stages of the competition for the J2 and Senior categories took place in Perugia, from 26 to 28 April, and for the J1 category in Reggio Calabria, from 3 to 5 May. The selection process began in December last year with the competition taking place simultaneously at the 232 participating schools. Of the 7,416 enrolled in the pre-selection phase, 752 students were selected for the interregional phase and among these the 82 finalists.

The award ceremony that was present was held at the University of Perugia. The first five ranked, in each of the two categories, received a medal dedicated to astrophysics Margherita Hack; in return, the jury awarded a merit diploma to the female students, which was between a sixth and tenth place finish. The 5 winners of the Senior category will participate in the International Astronomy Olympics, which will be held in Matera in October.

Interest in the Astronomy Olympics is growing more and more: and especially the participation of female students, which in this edition was 45%, is increasing, as are girls and boys from classical high schools and technical institutes.

The Astronomy Olympics are organized by the Ministry of Education with scientific contributions from the Italian Astronomical Society (SAIt) and the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF). They cater to first and second grade high schools and are included in the Ministry of Education’s Excellence Program.

“Congratulations to the students who have participated, more and more passionately, in these Astronomy Olympics,” said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi. “Astronomy is an extraordinary tool for bringing young people closer to science, for nurturing curiosity and stimulating the fascination of the study of phenomena. Astronomy has been a part of human history since ancient times. We have always wondered about the mysteries and life in the universe, and it is through careful and insatiable observation of celestial phenomena that we learn to orient ourselves and thus also know our place in the world. ” Astronomy also teaches us that in life, every age, we must continue to study, ask ourselves questions, develop theories, and confront ourselves because there is still much to know. “

The names of the overall winners:

Junior category 1:

  • Pontil Ceste Valentina – ICS by S. Stefano di Cadore and Comelico S., S. Stefano di Cadore (BL)
  • Cristallo Sebastiano – Comprehensive Institute ‘M. Hack ‘, Castellalto (TE)
  • Mussetola Luca – Comprehensive Institute ‘Ugo da Como’, Lonato del Garda (BS)
  • Fiordaliso Roberta – State Comprehensive Institute ‘Carducci V. da Feltre’, Reggio Calabria
  • Dandrea Giulio – State Middle School ‘R. Zardini ‘, Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)

Junior category 2:

  • Brunetta Riccardo – ‘Leopardi-Majorana’ Scientific High School, Pordenone
  • Cusimano Andrea – Scientific High School ‘T. Levi Civita ‘, Rom
  • Marino Raffaello Pio – Klassisk Gymnasium ‘T. Campanella ‘, Reggio Calabria
  • Leccese Francesco – Scientific High School ‘G. Banzi Bazoli ‘, Lecce
  • Sgoifo Riccardo – Department of Higher Education ‘A. Malignani ‘, Udine

Senior category:

  • Tivan Matteo – Scientific High School and State SA “S. Pellico – G. Peano ”- Cuneo
  • Mandaglio Alessandra – Liceo Scient. and by the SA State “Leonardo da Vinci” – Reggio Calabria
  • Rucco Matteo Maria – Scientific High School and State SA “E. Fermi “- Aversa (CE)
  • Vernacotola Matteo – Liceo Scientifico and SA “Nomentano” – Rome
  • Luppino Chiara – Liceo Scient. and by the SA State “Leonardo da Vinci” – Reggio Calabria

Diplomas for merit

Junior category 2:

  • Carpineta Francesco – Department of Higher Education ‘A. Malignani ‘, Udine
  • Of the Laws – Liceo Scientifico ‘G. Banzi Bazoli ‘, Lecce
  • Gravina Cristian Cajani – Scientific High School ‘G. Galilei ‘, Catania
  • Guariso Edoardo – ‘GB Ferrari’ Higher Education Institute, Este (PD)
  • Sbardellotto Samuele – ‘Galilei-Tiziano’ Department of Higher Education, Belluno

Senior category:

  • Caggese Alessandra – Scientific High School ‘E. Fermi ‘, Bari
  • Chiacchio Silvia – Scientific High School and SA ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, Reggio Calabria
  • Cristaudo Gabriele – Scientific High School ‘G. Galilei ‘, Catania
  • Weiss Lorenzo – Department of Higher Education ‘G. Marconi ‘, Conegliano (TV)
  • Plastina Francesco – Scientific High School and SA Stat. ‘F. Ribezzo ‘, Francavilla Fontana (BR)

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