Ripam Competition 1956 positions, recruitment in the Ministries of Justice, Culture and Education: extension of deadlines

ripam competition 1956 seats

*update of 06/05/2022: in Lovtidende Nr. 36 of 6 May 2022, the notice concerning the extension of the conditions of the public selection for the recruitment of 1956 non-executive staffwith a term of office of eighteen months and partial eighteen hours per week, various areas, for the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education.

Following the amendment, the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the selection procedure is extended to: 14.00 on 24 May 2022.

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New Ripam competition to cover 1956 seats at the Ministries of Justice, Education and Culture. The announcement was published in Lovtidende no. 28 of 8 April 2022, and the expected appointments relate to non-senior employees who are employed with a fixed-term contract of 18 months duration and partly for 18 hours per week.

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In the next sections, we will elaborate on all the professional profiles that the affiliated ministries seek, how to participate in the competition selection, all the necessary prerequisites and the tests provided by the announcement.

Ripam competition 1956 positions: professional profiles

The staff units sought by the various ministries are divided as follows:

  • Ministry of Culture functional area III, F1 salary framework:
    – Administrative officer (AMM / TC code) – 1 temporary staff unit;
    – Archaeologist Officer (code ARL / TC) – 73 temporary staff units; – Architect staff (Code ART / TC) – 96 temporary staff;
    – Archivist (code ARV / TC) – 1 temporary staff unit;
    – Librarian (Code BIB / TC) – 16 temporary staff;
    – Geology officer (GEO / TC code) – 6 temporary staff units; G.
    – Engineering Officer (ING / TC Code) – 24 temporary staff;
    – Art historian (STO / TC code) – 1 unit of temporary staff;
    – Technology Officer (TEC / TC Code) – 53 temporary staff; Function area II, salary area F2 J.
    Management Assistant (Code AAG / TC) – 46 temporary staff units;
    – Technical Assistant (ATE / TC code) – 18 temporary staff;
    Assistant for use, reception and supervision (Code AFA / TC) – 20 temporary staff units;
    – Function area II, F1 salary framework;
    – Administrative manager (OAG / TC code) – 17 temporary staff;
    – Technical operator (OTE / TC code) – 38 temporary staff; OR.
    Operator for use, reception and supervision (Code OFA / TC) – 153 substitute units.
  • Ministry of Justice Function area II, F1 salary framework:
    Fixed-term legal staff (Code OGI / TG) – 1000 temporary staff.
  • Ministry of Education Category A-1:
    – ATA school partner (ATA / TI code) – 393 substitutes.

Ripam Competition 1956 places: requirements

In order to be admitted to the selection procedure, the following requirements are required, which must be met on the expiry date of the conditions for submitting the application form as well as at the time of employment:

  • be or have been trainees in training and working courses at the offices of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education in the regions in accordance with Art. 50th in Legislative Decree of 25 May 2021, No. 73, converted, with amendments, by Act of 23 July 2021, No. 106;
  • Italian nationality or the nationality of a Member State of the European Union;
  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be in possession of one of the following educational qualifications:
    – for profiles of function area III officials, F1 pay group: university degree, university degree, specialist education, master’s degree;
    – for the profiles of assistant in function area II, salary range F2: secondary school diploma with II degree obtained at a state institution, equal or legally recognized;
    – for the profiles of operator of function area II, salary scale F1: completion of compulsory schooling or secondary education;
    – for the professional profile of ATA category A1 school partner: three-year qualification certificate issued by a professional institute, master of arts, diploma from master’s school for children, any high school diploma, certificates and / or professional qualifications, both of a duration of three years, issued or recognized by the regions;
  • physical fitness to perform the functions to which the choice refers;
  • the enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • not to have been excluded from the active political electorate;
  • has not been dismissed or exempted from employment in a public administration due to persistent inadequate performance, has not been declared lost or dismissed from a state employment;
  • not having received convictions, which have become final, for crimes involving disqualification from public office;
  • for male graduates, regular position in military service under current Italian law;
  • for posts assigned to the Ministry of Justice: possession of offensive conduct.

Ripam Competition 1956 locations: submission of applications

The candidate must send the application for admission to the procedure exclusively electronically through the public digital identity system (SPID), by filling out the electronic form on the “StepOne 2019” system, available from the Internet at the address “https: // ripam .cloud”, upon registration of the candidate on the same system.

To participate in the selection, the candidate must have a verified email address (PEC) in his name.

After extending the deadline for submitting applications, the application submission procedure will remain active until 14.00 d. May 24, 2022

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Ripam Competition 1956 places: exams

The selection is carried out according to the following procedure, which is divided into the following phases:

  • for posts in function area III, salary scale F1, and function area II, salary frame F2, selective written test separately for the related codes referred to in the prior art. 1 piece. 3, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 6, which will take place exclusively using IT tools and digital platforms, even in decentralized locations and also with several consecutive non-contextual sessions, while ensuring the transparency and homogeneity of the administered tests to ensure the same degree of selectivity among all participants;
  • for posts in function area II, salary scale F1, and in category A1, a eligibility interview, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 6.

Especially written tests they will consist of a test of 20 multiple choice questions to be solved in 40 minutes, with a maximum score of 30 points. The test will consist of:

  • 10 questions about general knowledge,
  • 10 questions aimed at verifying the relevant knowledge regarding the topics listed in the Communication.

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Ripam 1956 Seat Competition: How to Prepare

In preparation for the 1956-seat competition for the various ministries, we recommend the study of the following volumes:

General knowledge quiz for all competitions

Test with annotated answer

Curated by Paolo Ammendola, Maggioli Forlag

The text is structured in the form of a quiz so that the candidate can verify his level of competence; to analyze and better understand the topic, the correct answers are then explained in depth and compared to the incorrect ones.

Compendium of law on cultural heritage

Doctrinal and jurisprudence references

Luigi Tramontano, Maggioli Forlag

The text contains and comments on not only the code of cultural heritage and landscape, but also the hundreds of basic normative texts composed of laws, regulations, decrees, treaties and international conventions, and it does so without ever taking its eyes off the past.


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