Reggio Calabria: a new center for children is born at the former Bocale primary school

Reggio Calabria: this morning the joint inspection of the assessor for education Lucia Nucera, the rector Eva Nicolò and the representatives of the Macramè consortium, the promoter of the project that the municipality has joined by making the historic property available

In recent weeks, work has begun on the rebuilding of the primary school in Bocale on the southern outskirts of Reggio Calabria. This morning inspection of the municipal council for public education, Lucia Nucera, together with the rector of the comprehensive Cassiodoro Don Bosco Institute, Eva Nicolò, and the director of the Macramè consortium, Giuseppe Carrozza, as initiators of the reconstruction of historic building, last year of the municipality Reggio Calabria, for the construction of a center for children, as part of the project “Let’s play to grow”, which also involves the municipalities of Gioiosa Ionica and Taurianova. Also present was Giovanni Pitrolo Gentile, chairman of the Casa di Miryam coop, a Type B social cooperative, a member of Macramè, which advocates for internships of former drug addicts and takes care of the rebuilding of the school structure.

“Finally, the idea, which the Macramè consortium devised a few years ago in collaboration with Reggio’s municipal administration, is beginning to take shape, enabling us to implement this excellent initiative. Thanks to the commitment of Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà and the then Councilor for Community Policies, Giuseppe Marino, the project that the consortium proposed when I had the role of councilor for social policies will soon become a solid reality in our territory.I would also like to thank school principal Eva Nicolò for the fruitful cooperation she has offered in this project. “For childhood, education and children’s sociality is one of the strategic areas that the local government wants to focus more on. And we are happy to do so, in this case, thanks to the cooperation between a precious and virtuous reality like the Macramè Consortium” .

The Giochiamo a Crescere project, promoted by the consortium, involved as many as 17 partners from the Reggio Calabria metropolitan area. It is supported by “Con i Bambini” thanks to the “One Step Ahead” call within the Fund to Combat Youth Education Poverty, designed to involve the educated community and further in the areas of intervention to address the challenges of education poverty and increase opportunities for growth for all. .

Thanks to “Let’s Play Grow”, in addition to Reggio Calabria, two other centers for children, Gioiosa Ionica and Taurianova, will be set up to design and experiment with educational offerings for minors aged 0-6. “Our idea of ​​childhood centers – explained Giuseppe Carrozza, representing the Macramè consortium – are territorial institutions to combat educational poverty, where public and private non-profit organizations will work together. In the Poles – Carrozza explains – we will be able to experiment “with the Gac model, named after the project, a new pedagogical method of childcare. It is innovative both for its pedagogical approach – because it is based on play, emotions and sensory experiences – and for the non-profit form of public-private management”.

“The Reggio Calabria Center is located in Bocale at a primary school that has not been used for several years and where renovations are underway – Carrozza explained – we would like to thank the municipal administration, who joined immediately and were enthusiastic about the proposal during the race. of 2019, which confirms its presence in the project through a specific deliberative action, which at the same time made the property available for use by the child center during the four-year period envisaged for the implementation of the project.The project – completed Carrozza – will involve over 200 minors “aged 0-6 years and as many families, social workers, educational staff, teachers from the three partner municipalities. The three poles will be managed by units from the third sector (associations and cooperatives) with municipalities, schools, universities in the project”.

Satisfaction was also expressed by Rector Eva Nicolò, who on the sidelines of the inspection said that she was “satisfied with the start of this process”, which will lead – she explained – “to the creation of three centers for children who really will be a valuable resource for the rights of children and their families, with an improvement in the quality of life, and which will contribute to the development of an educational culture for children. and the level of experience of the child, but has a positive impact on the world of the family.The availability of a good quality service that you can trust your child is a fundamental element in ensuring women the opportunity to resume or take a job after It is therefore an important tool for achieving gender equality and raising the economic conditions of families, for which reason we will continue to work. enthusiastic about supporting this project through an education network and interinstitutional synergy “.

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