Plastic and rubber machines, 2021 very positive in Amaplast data

Published May 6, 2022

The Italian industry of machinery, equipment and molds for plastic and rubber closed 2021 with production increased by + 14.1%in height € 4.45 billionwhich not only exceeds the pre-pandemic values ​​but also the preliminary results estimated at the end of the year.

According to data from the Mecs Study Center-Amaplastalso based on Istat surveys, the positive balance was particularly supported by growth of 30% recorded in the domestic marketwhich I touched € 2.52 billion. The quote export is in line with previous years 70% of productionwith a growth of 9.2% in sales abroad, which, however, stopped just below the top of three billion exceeded in the three years prior to the crisis.

Amaplast budget 2021 plastic rubber machine

The main destination for the export flow was European dial, although overall it is slightly lower than in 2020; on the contrary, the Italian producers have turned their attention more to foreign countries, which has generated significant sales in North Americawhere it especially shows one high demand from the US economy, marked by marked growth, albeit with some contradictions. Strong growth in supplies to priority markets such as China And India concurrently contributed to strengthen the weight of the Asian continent. Export to Russia – reference market, which, however, shows a markedly fluctuating trend over the years – already in 2021 they registered a decrease of 16%, just over 80 million euros, involuntarily anticipating the latest, dramatic developments. (The klUkrainehistorically more contained, stopped at 7.5 million, by -39% compared to 2020).

Amaplast balance 2021 plastic rubber export machine

The recovery recorded in 2021 involved most of product categoriesGive her nuclear machinery ai assistantsand up to forme. For example, cross-border sales of injection molding and blow molding machines they recorded an increase of 29%; de af lines for mono-multifilaments they closed at + 18%; de af forme (which represents almost a quarter of the total) has scored + 6%. The companies associated with Amaplast they therefore had even better results than the sector average with an average increase of revenue of 16% by 2020and equal to or greater than 20% for about half of the companies.

Finally, it is difficult to make forecasts for the coming months due to the different factors affecting the global economic context. The lack of raw materials and componentswith relative price increases that companies have been complaining about for over a year could worsen due to the recent one Shanghai port blocked, caused by the drastic Chinese approach to the Covid problem, which is likely to have implications for logistics and distribution chains. Basic materials for various manufacturing processes are produced in the areas affected by Russian-Ukrainian conflictwho also determinedsky-high energy priceswhich has become unsustainable for many supply chains.

Companies are thus in an extremely complex but also paradoxical situation: in the light of the aforementioned problems, order collection is still quite strong and for many companies, it becomes more difficult to handle. In fact, even from the last economic study regarding the first quarter of 2022, conducted by Amaplast among its associates, it appears that the demand for machinery, equipment and molds for plastics and rubber continues to grow, especially from foreign markets (+ 28% compared to January-March 2021) .

Self expectations for the second quarter are characterized by some optimism, at least as regards the number of incoming orders estimated to increase further, in the order of 6-7%. This scenario will, of course, have to deal with the critical issues already highlighted; not surprisingly, Amaplast urged the institutions to do sopreparation of a new Industrial New Deal to protect European production, with immediate action, but also long-term projects on raw materials, logistics and energy.

And exactlyenergy efficiency is one of the main themes of the exhibition conference Greenplast 2022which takes place at the exhibition center in Fiera Milano in Rho-Pero from 3 to 6 May, organized by Promaplast srl, the management company of Amaplast. The event, which takes place at the same time Ipack-Ima and within the exhibition project in the logic of the supply chain ‘The Innovation Alliance” will represent an important opportunity for discussion and updating for the plastic and rubber supply chain, with a particular decline in terms of environmental sustainability, recycling, circular economy. Themes that will be at the heart of the rich program of conferences of the four days in Milan, which will also host the third edition of Packaging speaks greeninternational forum dedicated to the development of culture of packaging sustainability.

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