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Paula Scher is a graphic designer, one of the most influential in the world. For 40 years now, he has inspired artists and graphic designers by dictating the rules of visual communication, from album covers to logos from major multinational companies. Became in 1991 to first female director from Pentagramone of the most iconic studios in the history of graphic design, has collected around 300 awards during his career.

The definition of graphic designer is close to a character like Paula Schersince his work can also be attributed to one language related to art more than pure communication. In a sense, it is possible to define Paula Scher’s work as constantly floating between visual art and graphic design.

Paula Scher: the beginning of her career

Paula Scher was born in Washington in 1948. Daughter of one cartographer engineerher father’s work will greatly influence her creative process: one of Paula Scher’s most important works is in fact the series dedicated to maps, which began in the 90’s, in which the maps of various American cities has been redesigned with a playful intention rather than informative, reverse their function.

Paula Scher studied at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphiagraduated in 1970. After college he moved to New Yorkwhere he comes in contact with some important art directors such as Milton Glaser. It’s New York in the 70’s, where a constant fermentation of culture and art opens up a world of possibilities creative sector.

Paula Scher’s first job as a graphic designer in New York is for the children’s book department at the publishing house Random House.

Paula Scher: The 70s and the record companies

In the 1970s, Paula Scher was hired advertising and campaign department of two record companies that has shaped the history of music cutpop and jazz from the second half of the 20th century: the CBS poster before and the Atlantic Ocean then. Over the years, Paula Scher has had the opportunity to define her style and design covers by artists such as The rolling stones, Michael Jackson, Charles Mingus, Bob Dylan and many others. After four Grammy nominations for best cover, Paula Scher left Atlantic Records in 1982 to work alone.

Paula Scher: The 80s and the definition of her style

After embarking on a career as a freelancer, Paula Scher in the 80s defined a ‘aesthetics of typographic solutions based onart Deco It’s on Russian constructivism, which defines a style that has influenced the entire recent history of graphic design. Paula Scher in particular is a master at the use of typography sans serifthat is, without the terminal lines on the characters.

In 1984, he founded his advertising agency Koppel & Scher together with friend and colleague Terry Koppel. In those years, the agency made countless campaigns, as we remember it for Swatch in 1984, for example.

Paula Scher: 90s

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In 1991, she became the first woman to join as a partner Pentagramthe prestigious design studio founded by Alan Fletcher and located in Fifth Avenue of New York. From Pentagram, he creates what we know today as his main projects.

In fact, in 1994, he began his long-standing collaboration with The Public Theater from New York, of which it creates the visual identity. That year’s The Public Theater program became one landmark for all graphic design related to theatrical promotions. By creating a language that refers to street typography, the work responded to the challenge of stimulating participation in the theater by raising public awareness.

Based on this, Paula Scher with Pentagram has created some of the best known identities for brands that have become part of our common visual language, such as. Bloomberg, Microsoft, Cola and Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

Paula Scher: Awards, Recognitions, and Presence on Netflix

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Paula Scher has received several awards throughout her career: she received the gold medalAIGAof which she was also president from 1998 to 2000. Her work is now exhibited all over the world and is part of the permanent collections of MoMaof Victoria and Albert Museum from Londonof Museum of Design from Zurich he was born in Pompidou Center from Paris.

The Netflix series Abstract: the art of designing he dedicated an episode to Scher where, in addition to telling the story of his career, he offers some ideas and advice for those starting this work. Paula Scher was actually a teacher in The School of Fine Arts from New York. The advice he always gives his students is that learn to present your work. For a designer, the moment of presentation is really crucial: Paula Scher’s makeup is close it at the right time, avoid reaching the highest point of customers’ expectations, because at that moment, according to him, the objections begin and one gives in to the concessions that question the project. A valuable piece of advice young designers provided by a woman whose career speaks for itself.

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