Outdoors, summer 2022: it’s the year of the luminous vases. Here are the most beautiful

In the coming summer of 2022, the outdoor spaces will be characterized by modern luminous vases with a unique design. Here are the most beautiful signed Serralunga.

Milan, 6 May 2022. Today, outdoor space has taken on a new meaning in interior design. Gardens, terraces and balconies have become an extension of the indoor living environment, and for this reason their design is given a different meaning, just as more emphasis is placed on design. The choice of seats, lighting, vases and various accessories is extremely important to create environments that are not only functional but also appealing from an aesthetic point of view.

In the coming summer 2022 will uderum will be characterized by bright vases modern and with a unique design. Here are the most beautiful.

Vases and illuminated vases: examples of style for the outdoors

The vase is an inevitable piece of furniture in an outdoor environment. Choosing the most suitable light pot from a wide range of colors, sizes and designs is not as intuitive as it may seem. In this,
she is a master of style.

Serralunga vases provides a completely unique collection, perfect for modern outdoor space and not only. From the Cassero alla Camelia collection, from the Cone luminous vases to the Cubotti collection and many others, I Serralunga vases they all enjoy a completely unique and quality design and manufacture.

Outdoor vases for unique industrial environments

The exterior of the house needs accessories that reflect the style of the interior environments to create a kind of stylistic file rouge. The Cassero collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Serralunga, is inspired by the form used in construction for the construction of concrete works. This collection of monocoque vases made of polyethylene deliberately captures the concrete effect, as if each vase had been poured and extracted from the mold. The concrete effect is a peculiarity of the industrial style. With the Cassero collection, Serralunga wanted to imagine vases, not only for outdoor use, but also to integrate greenery into interior spaces and bring them closer to the world of interior design.

Outdoor vases for refined and modern settings

For outdoor spaces with a more refined look, LLUNA can be the perfect solution. The collection of vases
bright designed by Joan Gaspar for Serralunga, it combines in a single suggestive piece of furniture a vase and a lamp with an extremely elegant style. LLUNA manages to separate the external environments, allowing for glimpses through them.

Outdoor vases for modern and minimal environments

Today, the modern style is highly valued in interior design as well as in outdoor furniture. Modern spaces are characterized by clean lines and accessories with primary shapes. Lines and shapes that give life to amazing objectsoutdoor furniture. Cubotti garden pots are part of the furniture series of
Serralunga vases

from the outside: a unique collection, perfect for decorating trendy outdoor spaces with a modern and minimal style.

Serralunga, research spirit and passion for technology

Serralunga Made in Italy creates design products by blending a strong research spirit and a great passion for technology with the production tradition. Through its unique and precious collections, Serralunga Brand has managed to become so over the years reference point and trendsetter in the outdoor furniture sector.

Outdoor furniture must be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. And thanks to its results Serralunga has made Urban Outdoor beautiful, inviting and comfortableThese qualities that until recently were the privilege of indoor space.

Sustainable, resistant and tailor-made products for unique and trendy outdoor spaces

There innovative technology adopted by Serralunga provides the opportunity to create products that are resistant to atmospheric agents and made to measure, in order to satisfy customers from a stylistic point of view, but also from a living space point of view.

Serralunga has over time become oneleading company in the outdoor furniture sector. There are many proposals from the company to decorate unique and trendy outdoor environments, from residential and construction furniture, to urban furniture, from products to functional and atmospheric lighting to the elegant Velvety collections, from the inevitable garden pots and contract for traditional Italian vases: Serralunga is able to decorate the outdoor space by proposing furniture of excellent quality and very trendy.

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