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The words of the special

Mourinho spoke at the end of the match against Leicester. Roma fly to the Conference League final and will challenge Feyenoord. Here are his words:

Wonderful night, is it used to certain emotions? “I’m sorry but I’m tired. I want to go home. Family victory. This is our greatest merit. This empathy and family feeling. We had an extraordinary match for me as your goalkeeper makes two saves in 180 ‘against a Premier team is , because we did something good. The boys are extraordinary and they deserve it. On Monday we have one match and two more in the league. In the final it is always the same story. Fourteen matches is a lot and we paid with Seriepoint A. We would like to win “.

Can we call it a football match? “Of course we play risky when we press. We are a team that takes risks, but we do not have the capacity to do so for the full 90 ‘. Then we lowered by 5-3-1. The line went well., A “Incredible effort by them in midfield. Without Miki it was not easy to keep the ball. A lot of work from Nicolò and Tammy. Family is the only way to describe this path.”

All promoted, on Abraham: how did he help the team? Is it the symbol of accessibility? “I refuse to talk good about him. He knows it. He can do better. He is a great player with the opportunity to get even better. I have a hard time accepting who can do it better. Will always be shown , not only against Lazio or Lazio. in Europe. I agree he and the others, even those who were on the bench, form a family. Now we win the final. If you will allow me, I would like to congratulate Carlo, who is a good friend and has brought a club to the final that has stayed in my heart. “

After 31 years, Roma return to play a European final, what feelings did you feel? “Sorry, but I’m really tired and I want to get away as soon as possible. There are different levels of expectations, responsibilities and hopes. The history of the Roma is a story of suffering, they have not won in a long time. The number of finals is not in consistent with the club’s social history. It means a lot to us, it’s like playing the Champions League for Real and Liverpool. This is our champions for us and for Feyenoord. It has been from day one that I have this feeling of family even with The fans. We had a scary season, but it was possible. There are 14 conference matches, many points lost then on Sunday, after these matches. Leicester is a quality team, Rui Patricio has not worked so hard. It means the team’s compactness, knowing “how to keep a favorable situation. To know how to play with time at intervals, to know how to lower the last minutes. It is a victory for the family. An intelligent team”.

We saw her almost moved. “I’m touched, not near. Winning is always winning. The first, second title does not change, it is always joy and reward for one’s work. For a team that never wins, never reaches the last, extraordinary fans. .. a moment of my career that I do not do it for myself, but for my players, for my owners, for the fans, for the Roma people.I am not enthusiastic about myself, but about the feelings of others.

There is an Italian team in the Conference final and an Italian team in the Champions League final. “I sent a message to Ancelotti after the match. It’s a club that is in my heart, I’m white in Spain. It’s the biggest club in the world. They are two positive things in one. We are friends with Ancelotti: I “Know that he is happy for his friend and for Roma. He has his final, I mean. Let’s see if these two young coaches can win something …”.

Will this final be won? “Hi”.


How to prepare such a final? “The first way is to have respect for Italian football and let us play the last match on Friday. Feyenoord will definitely do the same and I think we, who represent Italian football, deserve the opportunity to prepare it for the best. Unfortunately, I can not say that, because I think it’s good to have three league games to play with the aim of reaching Europe, and if we do, we’ll go to the final with a different emotional state. will not help, but the main work was done on the first day.The feeling of teams that we started to build in Portugal on the first day of the retreat, then day after day, the players, the staff, the fans.This match was won by everyone, family, that’s why my feelings.I made more important endings than this, but the feeling of an incredible joy over everything I felt in a special way.

What feelings do you have now? “The fans played well. Now we have to watch the match against Fiorentina, from tomorrow we work. Mkhitaryan’s situation is changing, now I think we should not risk it. We have three matches and we have to think seriously about these three, we can say thank you to our fans in the last match we play at Olimpico, now the feelings will gradually disappear and we have to believe that we have these four matches to play.

Fans are superstitious, but his presence has led many to buy tickets already. What do you think you gave her? “I think it’s a question for the fans, for the property, for Pinto and the players. I do not want to say what I gave. I gave the same as everyone else, each of us gave the same. The warehouse workers, the therapists, the players , who always play, and those who play less. This feeling of family. My feelings, my joy, over the years one becomes less self-centered and more ‘father’ to the group, not to mention grandfather who is still early. happy I always remember the people on the street, the ladies with flags on the balconies, the children on the street. It means a lot to me. Rome is a Giallorossi city. In a year you will feel light, even if you live in Parioli. Rome It “is a town of Giallorossi. And tomorrow we will see this joy. I have made my small contribution to this joy and it makes me happy.”

I almost seem to have seen her cry at the end of the game. “Yes, maybe yes. I do not rule it out. Because I felt the feelings of all those who love Roma. I have a crazy Roma player with me, for many years I had him in Chelsea and also in other clubs, he got me to understand the significance of this club for the people.A giant club that does not have a history of trophies that are important in terms of the social dimension it has.It is not a trophy but a final that means a lot for them. I heard how they felt. “

Four different European finals like none. “Let’s see if we win this final, it would be great. I can definitely say that in every club I have trained, I have reached a final. I can not say that I have always played it, but I has achieved that. “

Abraham wanted out, but you did not let him out. “He really, even dead tired, in the set pieces in the defense is fantastic. We defend in a mixed way, a little in the zone and a little in the man. For five minutes more there may be a corner where you go in. Last or extended playing time. Therefore I always demanded an extra minute from him.But the boy was tired and I had to switch him but everyone made an extraordinary effort.Leicester have this potential to switch matches, they played threes with Vardy and Iheanacho, we lowered ourselves , because we did not want to pressure all three defenders.We were more compact in midfield, we were always very organized, ‘calm’ .If a player does not make mistakes in his individual and global tactical dynamics, we are perfectly in control.In two games against a good team, Rui Patricio made a great save in Leicester and today nothing. The ball was not a problem for us. And let’s go to Tirana. “

“Total family, stadium, streets, people on the street, ladies on balconies, children on the street, track, bench, family. The most important thing we have built this year is this family. The family of course deserves to go to the finals .. but let “Now we forget about the final and think about the other matches we have to play. We hope we will respect Italian football because we deserve to play on Friday to have time to prepare for the final, but let’s see.”

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