Monti Sorgenti, a week of events between mountaineering, sports and culture

From May 9 to 15, the highlight of the week is the review hosted by Cai Lecco

Movies, conferences, sports, music and nature: many suggestions for all tastes

LECCO – Highlight Week for the 2022 edition of the event Monti Springsto from 9 to 15 May offers various events of great appeal in the Lecco area. On the program two evenings with exclusive movies, exhibition and, weather permitting, the long-awaited event yoga, pilates And capoeira to Campo de ‘Boi followed by a concert at Stop Refuge with the music of Fabrizio De Andrè.

Monday, May 9th

Monday, May 9th there will be viewing of the film “Until the End of Everest” from Davide Chiesa on 20.45 in Don Ticozzi room to Lecco. The mountaineer, photographer and video maker from Piacenza will be present in the room to comment on the documentary, which tells about his climb to the world’s highest mountain. “An extreme situation – he says – told without filters, as far as possible to perceive a man’s soul, suspended between dream and reality, between life and the fear of death, where the awareness of death itself becomes the strongest push for don not give up” .

Wednesday, May 11th

Wednesday, May 11th on 18.30 the photo exhibition is inaugurated “Ginetto Esposito” to Circolo Figini of Maggianico (Lecco). The event will be presented by Alberto Benini, mountaineering historian and curator of the exhibition. Ginetto Esposito was in the bourgeois life as an electrician one of the cornerstones of the group of After work New Italy. A true navigator of the Cassin consortia, where the walls were less legible and more complex (northeast side of Badile and facing Punta Walker), Ginetto Esposito represented absolute security for his companions, an intelligent supporting role who was always attentive in rope maneuvers and solid. committed to guaranteeing the morale of the consortia without ever lacking his astute observations. This small exhibit moves from some of his relics to reconstruct a figure of great human and mountaineering significance.

Thursday, May 12

Thursday, May 12 the film will be suggested “Tribute to three great climbers”Pino Negri, Casimiro Ferrari And Lorenzo Mazzoleni on the Monti Sorgenti YouTube channel. The documentary was prepared by Cai Lecco and Gruppo Ragni to tell the mountaineering trail for these characters, who have left their mark on the history of climbing. Another online appointment is scheduled for Saturday May 14 with videos of two itineraries in our mountains, proposed as part of the project “Sharing the mountain”: one to discover Riva refugeand at Elisa Refuge.

Friday, May 13th

Friday, May 13th on 20.45 the movie will be shown “Dam: a family of shepherds” to Theater invitation di Lecco, with the participation of the author Emanuele Confortin. The documentary tells the story of a shepherd family from the Val di Fiemme and the tradition of transhumance, a seasonal migration of flocks in the winter, from the mountain areas to the lowlands. A tradition also rooted in our territory, rich in history and culture. The film won the Unesco Dolomites Award and the Trentino People’s Uses and Costumes Museum Award at the Trento Film Festival 2021 and the award for best documentary at the Voci dei Boschi Festival 2021.

Sunday, May 15th

The week ends Sunday, May 15th with the long-awaited event yoga, pilates and capoeira in the mountains, planned one Campo de ‘Boi for 14.30followed at 18 hours from the concert of Marco Belcastroone of the leading interpreters of Fabrizio De Andrèto Stop Refuge to Resegone. Belcastro will feature music by the great Genoese singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André, from the young De André’s first successes to his masterpieces.

For the yoga, pilates and capoeira event, the meeting will be at 14 at the cable car (Versasio) for a short walk towards Campo de ‘Boi. Anna Dell’Era, Clarissa David and Goupo Geraçao Capoeira they will liven up the afternoon on the large lawn of Campo de ‘Boi, and involve those present in the exercises of their disciplines. It is advisable to bring a mat or blanket.

Upcoming events in Monti Sorgenti

  • Wednesday 18/05 Kl. 20.45 in the Invito Theater in Lecco, “A trekking to discover wild food”, Docufilm presented by Donatella Polvara;
  • Thursday 19/05 at 20.30 at Palamonti in Bergamo double agreement of Cai Lombardia: conference “Mountain, the strength of passion” with Dr. Mario MilaniDr. Anna FrigerioAvv. Vincenzo Tortimountain guide Alessandro Gogna and the exhibition “Alpine rescue in the nineteenth century”.

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