in Cinisi the awards for folk music and sharp irony

The two winners of the XII edition are Teresa Mannino and “Peppino Impastato musical collective”, who will receive the plaque on Sunday 8 May at 21.00 and Cinisi

This year, the “Music and Culture” award is back in memory Peppino Impastatothe prestigious award dedicated to the memory of the young anti-mafia militant killed by the mafia in 1978 in Cinisi.

Music and culture“Is an award given to the artists who characterize their artistic and cultural path with a strong component of ethical and social commitment, for the promotion of equality, internationalism, pacifism and freedom as fundamental values ​​of social, political and cultural.

Each edition of the award includes two awards: the first to the artist who marked himself for the best production of the year, the second to the artist who on his way has helped to spread and keep the memory of Peppino Impastato alive.

The two winners of the XII edition will be Teresa Mannino and “Peppino Impastato musical collective“, Who will receive the plaque on Sunday, May 8 in Cinisi, at 21.00.

Teresa Mannino, Sicilian cartoonist and actress, is characterized by her biting irony and her acute intelligence. For years committed to condemning the inhumanity and horror of all wars, she has, with great sympathy and with caustic irony, been able to convey how urgent an ecological commitment can no longer be postponed.

Always clear in her positions of opposition to mafia culture, she has often made herself available for social initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of social anti-mafia and at the memory of those who fell in the fight against the whole mafia. His condemnation of “inattention” has, with keen acuity, gripped what we believe is one of the most important obstacles to the renewal of society.

“Peppino Impastato Musical Collective” represented one of the most authentic experiences of the international political folk season. Folk music and popular traditional songs were the only communication tools that Peppino’s group of companions possessed to try to spread the truth about the murder, ask for justice and undermine the mafia and the institutional deception about the facts about the murder. May 9, 1978.

We regard Umberto Santino’s precious texts and the political and moral haste that animated the group’s cultural drive as a piece of absolute importance in the history of social anti-mafia. The disc, recorded after three years of concerts around Italy, was the first artistic product with the Peppino Impastato figure in the center.

Prior to the plaque award ceremony, there will be dialogues led by Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici, philosophers, writers and publishers known as “Tlon”, with the winners. We consider all of Mauras and Andrea’s activities to be a truly valuable asset.

The great work on the concept of personal flourishing, the punctual and very effective critique of the imaginary community, the attitudes towards peace and ecology: all parts of a profound political action that arouses great interest in many people who before approaching their productions did not find the tools to interpret a widespread and subtle sense of “dissatisfaction”.

For these reasons, we have been looking at Tlon for some time with increasing attention and esteem, and we believe that their presence in Cinisi is an opportunity for growth and development in the history of the award named after Peppino Impastato. This edition of the award will be a year of transit for us curators, and like everything that changes form, it needs the greatest care to blossom into new life.

We intend to build a small but tenacious network of people who help us bring recognition into the future: sensitivity, hearts, heads for a “Music and Culture Award” that can represent an acknowledgment of the possibility of a connection between art and culture. and obligation; in this network and on this road we certainly want there to be Maura and Andrea who we get the honor of awarding the honorary membership card “Music and Culture”.

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