“Il Maggio Lugnanese”, between culture, tradition, art, archeology, food and wine, history and environment

The municipal government of Lugnano in Teverina announces the program of “Il Maggio Lugnanese”, a calendar of initiatives in collaboration with local associations that takes place in the month of May and will continue throughout the summer until the expected Patronal Festival of Assunta. The program includes a series of events that will be divided into one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” between culture, tradition, art, archeology, food and wine, history and environment.

The May of the Books represents the important cultural event organized in collaboration with the local branch of Unitre, with four events where different authors will be the main characters in book presentations and thematic conferences touching every weekend in May. A literary introduction that tastes like a preview of the eighth edition of the literature prize “Città di Lugnano”, held on 25 June. This is the program:

Saturday, May 7th 17.00 in the Council Chamber
conference “The elements to share” by Antonio Fresa

Sunday, May 15 a17.00 in the Council Chamber
lecture “Fortress Lugnano. Bartolomeo d’Alviano. Cesare Borgia” by Antonio Santilli

Sunday, May 22nd 17.00 in the Council Chamber
presentation of the book “Oil and health. History, culture, traditions, curiosities and science of olive oil” by Francesco Poti
followed by guided tours of the Collegiate Church and the medieval tourist route

Sunday, May 29th 16.30 at the Citizens’ Museum
conference “Omggio to Giuseppe Mazzini, the forerunner, the apostle of the Union of Italy” by Sergio Bellezza
followed by guided visits to the Civic Museum, Collegiate Church, the historic center with the medieval route stopping at the Garibaldini sites.

The party in honor of Madonna di Ramici it is an event that takes you back to the ancient traditions that make up Lugnane’s rich history. A festival also described and regulated in the statutes of 1508. The shrine was built in the early 15th century in honor of the image of a Madonna, who according to a popular legend was miraculously found by a shepherdess among the branches of an oak. For about 600 years, the Lugnanes have been particularly devoted to this image, and even today the walls of the church are covered with ex-votos as a testimony of received grace or as a prayer for help to a danger. The party off Sunday, May 8th it is celebrated in the sanctuary of the open country with a mass, a concert with the city band and a traditional tasting of sandwiches with porchetta.

Verdecoprente Umbria Festival. Roberto Giannini and Rossella Viti together with the Ippocampo Association are a theater education, Vocabolomacchia teatro.studio, is a cultural company engaged in production, promotion, training and research in contemporary visual arts and stage. The project was born in 2011 and is developed and implemented thanks to a network established with public bodies, associations, artists and citizens, companies, networks and other accomplices spread throughout Italy. The 2022 edition will be held from Sunday, May 8th to Sunday, June 26thsees the involvement of different municipalities on different artistic themes: theater, dance, song and multimedia paths:
Alviano – Amelia / Porchiano del Monte – Path of Palliccio
Baschi – Giove – Guardea / Frattuccia – Lugnano i Teverina
Massa Martana – Montecchio / Melezzole / Oasis WWF Alviano Guardea Lake

The first date of the festival will take place in Lugnano, Teverina on Sunday 8 May at 17.30 in the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta with “The Creation of Six Voices and a Cathedral” with Lucia Giordano, Marco Andorno, Francesco Micca, Paola Bordignon, Sebastiano Amadio, Lodovico Bordignon. Original music and musical dramaturgy Antonella Talamonti. An acoustic and emotional experience conceived in relation to a sacred space, a church, a sanctuary, with specific adaptation to each space. Conceived and written by Antonella Talamonti for the six songwriters who use different languages ​​and dialects and draw inspiration, in writing, both from contemporary compositional practice and from the paraliturgical repertoire of oral tradition frequented on her journey as a musician and researcher. An encounter with the “singing stone” about the experience of pain, the need for comfort and sharing. The song is in motion and the spectators sitting on the benches are led to discover new relationships with the room and its acoustics. The experience is a tour by hearing that allows you to rediscover through a sound a strong place for the community from an acoustic, architectural and symbolic point of view. For further information and reservation (mandatory): 327.2804920

Walks & good taste. Between villages, olive trees and farms. The municipality of Lugnano in Teverina by virtue of its affiliation with the BOB Umbria Oil Road, participates in the initiative organizing the regional Association Walks & Good Taste, between villages, olives and farms, a calendar of walks to be covered on foot or by bicycle, accompanied by environmental and hiking guides, from the associations “L’Olivo e la Ginestra”, “I Tuoi Cammini” and FIAB Perugia Pedala – the Italian association of environment and cycling that will lead visitors to discover the Umbrian villages with a high olive cultivation call, among the olive trees and in the farms and mills associated with Strada dell’Olio Evo Dop Umbria, places where you can enjoy tastings of Evo oil in combination with other local products of expertise and direct experiences in the places where the Date dedicated to the village of Lugnano is Saturday, May 21st with an excursion to Lugnano in Teverina, visit the “Olea Mundi” collection with a snack at the “San Valentino” / Frantoio Suatoni farm in collaboration with “L’Olivo e la Ginestra”

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