how to decorate the house with technology

Ovens that switch on remotely and switch off automatically. Appliances that, when set up, make dinner by themselves. Bathroom mirrors that have become real “smart mirrors”. In short, our homes are increasingly being furnished with technology. We use the verb give not random, then smart solutions for housing is increasingly becoming a real piece of furniture for the home. Do you not believe it? How to install new devices without major renovation work and without having to make new systems.

The lighting

The house should be bright and welcoming and it home automation can help us in this regard. The lamps and smart bulbshas the distinctive feature of having low consumption and can be easily managed with dedicated apps.

Just have a smartphone, then we can controllighting in each room based on the activity we intend to perform in that environment. Furthermore, this type of lighting can also be integrated inside the cabinets. It is not uncommon to use cabinet lights that are activated through special sensors.

The perfect lights to illuminate the wardrobe

High-tech furniture and accessories

That Stay it is the place in the house where we relax with the family and all the attention is concentrated around the TV cabinet. Over the years, this piece of furniture has been enriched with audio and Bluetooth devices and integrated connectors for charging devices.

Do not miss the bathroom, it mirror it has evolved more and more, from those enriched with LEDs to real ones smart mirrorwhich can be activated with touch or voice commands.

The new mirror concept improves the lives of those who use it, for example, it is possible to change the light in the surroundings by recreating the light from the outside or in a room to understand whether your outfit or your makeup can be brought out to the full.

The smart mirror is a lot looks like a smartphone so much so that it allows us to be informed about the weather conditions, the latest news as we prepare for the day.

Integrated technology in the kitchen

Modern kitchens are full of Household appliances smart able to make the preparation of dishes more and more convenient.

Between innovations you prefer that is extractor hood which can also be remotely controlled thanks to the wi-fi connection. We can remotely control on or off, the suction power, the lighting or replacement of filters.

For cooking enthusiasts oven is the main device, and to facilitate the preparation of recipes, we can manage it through an app for quick and easy control.

Fighting food waste is a way to respect the environment and have a safe monthly savings: doing so may seem difficult, but I refrigerators smart give us a good hand. Smart models remind us when food is running out, inform us about the contents of the refrigerator even without opening the door and ensure energy savings. The external displays then allow you to set the correct temperature and activate various functions.

Contacts for invisible home automation

A characteristic of home automation is that you have technological devices with a unique design, just what you immediately notice in the contacts. Over the years, they have become real interior design elements that can control entire rooms with a few buttons based on a wi-fi system.

Most of the time, they are not visible to meet the need for minimal styles of interfaces touch screen and they can be integrated into walls or surfaces such as coffee tables, headboards or bedside tables to transform a single piece of furniture into a smart piece of furniture.

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