Holiday homes: in Italy a boom in bookings for the summer

Will the tourism sector finally return to pre-covid levels this summer of 2022 approaching? Hard to say now, but there is certainly some optimism and the data confirm the trend. The Easter holidays that have just passed have seen that many Italians and foreigners have chosen tourist destinations that have been unaffordable for the last two years, both because of distance and for obvious problems with anti-infection rules.

Now the mental aspect certainly plays a fundamental role; Italians and Europeans are much calmer than the problems with coronavirus. As a result, they begin to book easily, happy to finally enjoy a vacation like the ones they did before the pandemic changed everything.

A return to the past, to normality, was longed for in these two infinite years. On the other hand, everything is related to war, between economic uncertainty and inflation; But at the moment, the trend is absolutely positive and promising good for everyone, starting with those working in this sector.

Holidays 2022: booking boom in Italy!

The most positive news is certainly the easiest to find: many, Italians and foreigners, have booked and booked for the summer holidays 2022. Therefore, it is clear that many reckon that the pandemic is finally behind us, and we can therefore return to travel carefree, without masks and without thoughts, we could say.

The reservations are many, so many that in some cases it is not even easy to satisfy the whole demand. From airports to accommodation facilities, many find that they (finally) have to make do even too many bookings, with all the consequences it entails. From the necessary staff to meet the demand to the inevitable price increase corresponding to the normal laws of the market, because the demand is back high, but the supply is certainly lower than in 2019.

Many companies have reduced their accommodation capacity, precisely in numbers, and unfortunately many are also closed during these two years. Shortly said, many could not wait to get the “problem” of facing too many bookingsbut a reorganization is inevitable and will take some time.

The phenomenon is not only Italian, there are also many foreigners who want to return to visit the wonderful cities and tourist places that our country has to offer. Good news not only for those working in this sector plagued by the pandemic, but also from a symbolic (and economic, of course) point of view. At this point, it remains only to see what the (new) habits of the Italians on holiday will be.

Holiday rentals for the summer of 2022: an increasing trend

The trend mentioned above is quite evident after the two years of the pandemic and is shared by groups of friends as well as by families and even by couples. This is choice of going to cottage rental; they are booked mainly online and independently, thanks to the many benefits that this solution offers.

In fact, so much the more since the pandemic has disrupted our daily lives, the trend has been to rent more and more and less and less in hotels because of comfort and total independence. In the apartment you live a room that is only your own, with much more independence seen from schedules; there is also no need to visit common places (such as the dining room), which are clearly places for potential gathering.

Furthermore, i.e. Many portals available online also allow you to book without obligation, with the option to cancel the reservation even at no cost close to the time of departure. A significant convenience in times when even a simple quarantine could have ruined all families’ vacation plans.

Now that the pandemic seems much more under control, mainly thanks to the vaccination campaign and the declining mortality of the virus in the new variants, the tendency to choose holiday homes or rental homes does not appear to have abated. As mentioned, many Italians have already booked (some even for several weeks); this also happened before 2020, but the comfort of the rental house continued to prevail.

This trend is certainly worth keeping an eye on for everyone working in this sector, especially as it is not forecast to fall in the coming years.

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