GPS update: announcement next week, against confirmation of the 20 days for forwarding the application. Latest news

GPS update for the two-year period 2022-24. There is an expectation of understanding when the operations will begin. The Government’s opinion on the regulation slowed down the publication of the expected executive order.

However, the next few days may be the right ones: In the middle of next week, the start may come with the deadline set for the end of May. In 2020, the time window was set for midsummer (from July 22 to August 6). This year, however, the ministry has chosen an advance for the spring.

All of this, except for last-minute changes, should end in May (31st), with respect to the 20-day time window.

However, it is not excluded that Viale Trastevere will bring the deadline for submission of applications from 20 to 30 days, thus postponing the deadline for submission of applications to the first days of June, but at present it seems a very distant hypothesis.

The application is submitted online.

It is possible to submit an application for initial insertion, update, transfer. THE DIFFERENCES

GPS 2022/24 rankings: what replacements, entry requirements, how to apply. FAQ

What is GPS

The GPS provinces’ rankings for temporary staff are used, as an alternative to GAE, for the allocation of annual replacements (as of 31/08) and of them until the end of teaching activities (as of 30/06) in the school years 2022/23 and 2023 / 24.

For the school year 2022/23, the Milleproroghe Decree provided that the first aid brackets GPS rankings can be used for the posts in the role of support posts if there are still vacancies – in that province – after the ordinary posts in the role of GaE and competitions . How to choose the province for a possible role on support. What to know

Admission requirements for primary, secondary childhood, ITP, support, educational staff

NB Second-level admission qualifications must be in place before the deadline for submitting the application. DRAFT

NB. First band GPS ranking: reserve for qualification and support specialization by July 20th. DRAFT

NB Subject to reservation does not entitle to compensation

Read carefully who needs 24 CFU to join

How to check CFU necessary to access the competition class

NB Those who have passed STEM 2021 ordinary competition, but are not yet in the role, are registered in the first parentheses

GPS, yes for access subject to those passing ordinary competition tests. Qualification no later than July 20. NOTICES

Music colleges

GPS Licei Musicali, access requirements for instrument 2 bands: for CSPI it is necessary to have served. And for the ministry?

School rankings

When submitting an application for renewal or first admission to GPS, the schools whose locations appear are also selected. There are a maximum of twenty schools for each class’ competition / teaching position, where one is inserted in the GPS.

These are the school’s rankings, divided into three volumes

They are used by school leaders to allocate any remaining substitutes on 31 August / 30 June, which it was not possible to assign with Gae and GPS, as well as to all temporary substitutes (max last teaching day) at the schools – max 20 pcs. – choice of teacher.

The school rankings consist of three bands.

a) first parentheses for GaE teachers

b) second band, in which teachers with specific qualifications included in the first band of the GPS will be included;

c) third band, which will include teachers in possession of the qualification included in the second band of the GPS;

Only one province is selected

Teachers included in the GPS must select a single province. It may also be different than in 2020.

Attention to the limitations of teachers included in GaE.

NB. Teachers who are included in the supplementary lists in 2021 must apply for a new appointment

The application is a self-certification. Which titles should be included

Allocation of substitutes per. 31 August / 30 June

The ministry will continue as the last school year with online selection of schools. This additional question will be this summer, after taking on the role.

Addition from GPS 2022/23: here are the sanctions for waiver, failure to take service and abandonment [ANTEPRIMA BOZZA]

Score calculation

Support service until 30 June 2022 –

How the performance will be evaluated. Score, specific and nonspecific

Will the unnamed primary substitutes score?


In the coming weeks, the ministry will publish the executive order for GPS.

The application will be presented on online instances.

A province is selected with specific indications for those enrolled in GaE.

In the same question, the schools are selected for the school rankings.

For the summer, there will be another application to submitagain with the online procedure, for allocation of substitutes per. 31 August / 30 June for the entire selected province (schools can be selected).

GPS 2022/24: one province, twenty schools for each competition class, replacements, title tables [SINTESI]

Here are the sanctions for waiver, non-accession and resignation [ANTEPRIMA BOZZA]

The advice

You can request advice at [email protected] (individual response is not guaranteed)

It is possible to discuss on the forum for mutual help

You can follow the updates via the Department’s rankings and the Supplenze tag

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