Formula E Monaco, how the Gen3 car is made for the 2023 World Championship

The individual seats that will be used in the Formula E World Championship 2023 have been revealed: speeds of over 320 km / h, lighter cars and a project devised by the Italian engineer Alessandra Ciliberti

From our correspondent Mario Salvini


The Gen3 was unveiled in the luxury of the Monte Carlo Yacht Club, the new Formula E car for the 2023 World Championship. But it would be limiting to say that it was only a foretaste of the electric category. Due to the features it presents, the new single seats have everything to become a kind of cornerstone in the races. Because it has the front motor, for efficiency, for recharging speed. And because the cars of the future with this model are starting to get close to the speed of the cars of the past.

gen 3, velocity

Gen3 promises to spin at 320 km / h thanks to an output of 350 kW, 100 more than the current cars, those that, to understand, will be on the track on Saturday here in the Principality in the sixth E-prix of season 8. It with top speed, however, only one aspect, perhaps the most striking, is the first that many will refer to: in fact, Gen3, as mentioned, will be able to reproduce about 40% of their energy needs in the race, for more with both axles, not just the rear one. In short, Formula E has also been proposed as a laboratory, not just as a showroom for speed, by the reliability of the electric car. The batteries will be smaller, lighter and at the same time much faster to recharge (even 3-4 kW at 30 ”).

gen3, the weight

“I do not think we need to overcome skepticism – explained the general manager of the championship, Canadian Jamie Reigle – I think people will see fun races. And right here, in Monte Carlo, last year, when they saw that there was 65 overtaking and 6 changes of leadership, many fans realized our potential. From next year, we will have even more performance with these new cars. ”All guaranteed by the fact that the single seats in 2023 will be even lighter, around 840 kg including the driver, which is 60 smaller than current cars.

gen3, designed

The aesthetics also change a lot. First of all, the wheels are uncovered. Therefore, after leaving the batmobil look, the car gets a more traditional look, more similar to Formula 2 and Formula 3. The silhouette is slimmer, the front wing wider, while the rear wing is almost absent. All news that makes Reigle and Formula E generally proud, with a look to the future, over a season 9 where there will no longer be Audi, Mercedes and BMW, but on the other hand – finally – an Italian manufacturer, Maserati, will arrive. And Reigle even smiles at the question of whether other houses are coming forward. But they are also news that we Italians are proud of, as we usually, when we talk about race cars, if we mention the designer, talk about fathers, and instead Gen3 has a mother.

gen3, Italian roots

An Italian mother, very young: Alessandra Ciliberti, 33, from Modena, technical director of the FIA ​​for Formula E for six months. At the head of a team of six engineers, she was the one who devised and designed Gen3. Inspired, he says, “from the Delta wing of fighter jets”. All in collaboration with Spark, which produces (in partnership with Dallara) the standard chassis, and with Williams, who returns to supply the batteries as in the first seasons of the category, thus replacing McLaren, the current supplier. “We want more powerful, more efficient and superior cars. Which will lift the whole spirit of our sport,” says Nissan Technical Director Tommaso Volpe. With the usual attention to sustainability. Not only for zero emissions, but also for the new tires, Hankooks instead of Michelin’s, which will be 26% recyclable, as well as a large part of the frame, made with an innovative carbon fiber.

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