e-Power, Nissan revolutionizes the electrical world with a new engine

Nissan is changing the car world. Having an electric car is inconvenient for many, because at home we can not charge it and there are few columns. Here is the solution.

e-Power, Nissan revolutionizes the electrical world with a new engine
e-Power Nissan – Motori.News

Nissan by conquest of the world. We are almost all tempted, both to future savings once amortized in purchasing costsboth because guard an organic soul we all have it more or less to buy an electric car.

Nissan Elettrica: plug-free charging, this is how it works

But Overwhelming majority sometimes we do not do it for purchasing costs, which is considered Too high, and why we may not have the ability to reload the electric car in the garage, and the columns are few. And based on the data we have in possession, many Italians would be happy to buy a car with electric thruster.

To remedy one of these two major disadvantages, provided that Nissanto create a system e-Power, that is, the electrical that is recharged without the need for a plug. This real revolution in the sector electric carshe explains it to us in an interview on the Repubblica.it website, Marco ToroCEO of the Italian branch.

Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Qashqai – Motori.news

Here are some excerpts from his interview: “Let’s start with market data: in the first two months of the year, 43 out of 100 Italians have bought an electrified car. In 2019, before the pandemic, there were only 7. Of these 43, as many as 35 chose the hybrid and only 8 the electric, because they preferred the wrong one recharged. This is where I come in‘e-Power, the electric without plugs ».

How does it work?

“It is a electric thruster which moves the traction of the car while it heat engine becomes one the generator. In practice, it’s like having a charging station on board. So pair immediately and silence ‘.

Consumption and cost of the e-Power method

Back and side of the Nissan Qashqai
Back and side of the Nissan Qashqai – Motori.news

And what about emissions and consumption?

“We are awaiting the final homologation data, but we already know that they will be much lower thantraditional hybrid. Not only that, there is another technical variant: it is called e-pedal. In practice, when the pedal is raised, the car brakes and generates energy ».

e-Power debuts on the new Qashqai. Also?

“Right after that, he arrives on X-trail which will only have this solution and will also be the only model a 7 seats electrified. With another uniqueness: the e-4Force, the development of our electrified four-wheel drive. Two electric motors: and pr. axle and independent wheels. ONE exclusive technology also present at Ariya, our new all-electric crossover ».

There are criticalities on the front of the prices on the electricity lists that are too high and the charging infrastructure is quite deficient. How will they solve?

“In this regard, we did a study to understand why Italians they do not buy elbilen. Considerations emerged: They do not know; they think it’s too expensive; they do not know where should it be recharged ».

Electric charging station
Electric charging station – Motori.news

What are you planning to do?

“As far as we are concerned product knowledgeLet’s try the electric in two days. So thanks you incite the price of an electric getting closer and closer to it off a traditional car, we can talk about annual fuel savings and practical benefits such as traffic charges, free parking of about 2,500 euros a year“.

And what about the charging stations?

Italy is still behind but a budget for infrastructures is included in Pnrr. Like Nissanwe give away and we install a wallbox for those who have the option of recharging the car at home. In the meantime, we are investing in the production of solid state batteries. Dual-density batteries that allow charging times reduced by one third and one cost shot down by 70 percent “.

So Nissanbut not just what you are moving to change everything thrusters so far seen so far that countries, during a ten years, to have a fleet of machines, for all countries inWestern Europealmost exclusively by electric cars.

To get to this point However, Italy must definitely get busy. Primarily few can afford to buy an electric careven though costs have dropped, too, and above all thanks to incentives. So, the second reason, but just as important as the first, concerns the charging columns electric cars.

The latter is concentrated almost everyone in the north and all The center of Italy, near the big ones city ​​centers. In the south and on the islands there are very few charging stations, and those who are there have charging times very long. For these reasons, it is urgent that it State take measures that allow to all those who want it, di to be able to buy an electric car e to be able to travel without having to worry about staying in in the middle of the road without finding one column to recharge the car.

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