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Dolomiti Paganella with children: a magical place for holidays in contact with nature and animals, tips for having fun with children

Dolomiti Paganella with children

Are you starting to think about the summer holidays, or are you perhaps looking for inspiration for the long weekend on June 2? Why not consider the mountain? Today we are going to the discovery of Dolomiti Paganella with children!

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Dolomiti Paganella with children: what areas of Trentino to visit

The Dolomites Paganella is a tourism company engaged in the promotion of a specific area of ​​Trentino, thePaganella plateau, on the slopes of the Dolomites. Molveno, Cavedago, Fai della Paganella, Spormaggiore, Andalo, San Lorenzo Dorsino and Piana Rotaliana are places that offer a lot both from a naturalistic and entertaining point of view, especially for families. In winter you can ski, in summer you can go hiking, hiking, enjoy the greenery and eat well. You can take forest baths and recharge your immune system, relax away from the stress of the city and breathe fresh air. Have we convinced you?

Here are the activities they will do for you experience Dolomiti Paganella with children!

Dolomiti Paganella, what to do with the family

If you have decided to pamper yourself with one holiday on the Paganella plateau you are spoiled for choice. The accommodation facilities are of the highest standard, equipped to offer full board, sports facilities, swimming pools and many activities. But not to be locked inside everyday life Hotel (although the temptation is great!) there are some excursions what you can do to do entertain children and – believe it – relax. Especially to leave your kids speechless, here are some activities that also involve them animals: you will not be disappointed!

The best activities to do with children if you choose Dolomiti Paganella

As we said, Paganella Dolomites provides good opportunities to live in contact not only with nature but also with animals. Let’s see together what the activities should do.

Visit to the Belpark Zoo in Spormaggiore

Bears, wolves, pilots, but also chickens, cubs and rabbits: if yours children love animals this is the ideal place. A beautiful park where you can stroll and get lost in the various areas that house animals, with a playground and a bar. You can also spend an entire day there to check if the wolves (there are about ten) show up in droves!

Andalo equestrian center

Go it is very famous as a locality in The Dolomitesbut maybe not everyone knows there is a center for Equality where you can get to know horses and ponies and even take a ride in the saddle.

Trekking with donkeys to Malga Torve

Walking around in Paganellas dale you will encounter more donkeys: go up to Malga Torve (in Pradel) to be able to see them up close and get to know them, go for walks with them. At Malga you can also milk the cows, prepare cheese and enjoy locally produced delicacies.

Bier by Malga Val dei Brenzi

Another cabin, another activity: here you can involve children in the discovery of beer and production of honey, but you will make a good impression on your children thanks to the many animals present. Cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and … the much loved alpacas! A magical place open only in summer, located on Mount Fausior a Lav Paganella.

Llamas and alpacas on the Athabaska farm

Lama and alpacas are lovely animals that children love. You can find them at Athabaska Farm, one San Lorenzo Dorsinoalso famous for being a breeding of husky dedicated to dog sled. Here it can be done trekking with the nice Andean four-legged, but also got in touch with everyone Farm animals.

Visit the Paganella plateau with your children it is the perfect idea for a relaxing family holiday, in contact with nature, and which will fill children with beauty!

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